Jeff Rasley On IU’s John Ritter plus 40 Oz Pimp | CB150

Author Jeff Rasley was a lawyer and gave it all up to hang out with the Rai people in the Himalayas and write books. Jeff Rasley’s new book, Hero’s Journey, is about what happened to IU basketball star John Ritter. We talk with Jeff about John Ritter, living in the Himalayas, and playing football for the team People magazine called, “the worst team in college ball.” 

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 University of Chicago Football Star Jeff Rasley

University of Chicago Football Star Jeff Rasley

Jeff Rasley Topics

  • John Ritter: going from IU basketball star to homeless cab driver
  • Where is John Ritter now?
  • Jeff talks about playing for Chicago University’s football team, the team People magazine called, “the worst team in college ball”
  • Leaving his law firm after 30 years and moving to Nepal to help strangers
  • Being addicted to the Himalayan mountains
  • Helping build an elementary school, a hydroelectric system, and smokeless stoves in the Himalayas
  • Living with the Rai people of Basa Village


Jeff Rasley Links

Click the image below to check out Hero’s Journey: John Ritter, the Chip Hilton of Goshen, Indiana:

Hero's Journey by Jeff Rasley

Hero’s Journey by Jeff Rasley


Also In This Episode

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And later we talk with the 40 Oz Pimp and the new 40 Oz Hat Video. Check out the video below
Add 40 Oz Pimp on Facebook here, and be sure to tell him you’re from the Chris Brake Show:

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