Christine Smith Exonerates Lizzie Borden and 40 Oz Pimp’s Cellulitis | CB149

Lizzie Borden grabbed no axe? That’s what Christine Smith says, author of Lizzie Borden Exonerated. Lizzie Borden was tried and acquitted for murdering her father and her stepmother in the famous case of 1892. But everyone still thinks she did it. 

But if it wasn’t Lizzie, then who could have committed the murders? We talk with Christine Smith about all the interesting ins and outs of the Lizzie Borden case.

And later we quiz Christine on her knowledge of actor Tim Roth. You don’t want to miss this! Also: is the 40 Oz Pimp going to lose his foot? We find out what’s going on. This, too, is something that must not be missed!

Christine Smith Exonerates Lizzie Borden and 40 Oz Pimp's Cellulitis | CB149

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Lizzie Borden & Christine Smith Topics

Lizzie Borden expert Christine Smith

Lizzie Borden expert Christine Smith

  • Is Lizzie Borden guilty?
  • She was acquitted.. why do people think she’s guilty?
  • Brief rundown on the case
  • A look at the crime scene
  • 19 hatchet wounds to the face
  • The heinousness of women murderers
  • The legitimacy of the Lizzie Borden movie & TV series
  • Who did do it?
  • What about the sister, Emma?
  • Tim Roth Quiz Game

Lizzie Borden & Christine Smith Links

Read Christine Smith’s full Lizzie Borden Exonerated thesis here:

Check out Christine Smith’s Tim Roth Fan Page here:

Also In This Episode

We talk with the 40 Oz Pimp while he’s going through detox at rehab and find out if 40’s going to lose his foot to cellulitis.
On the lighter side, we talk about 40’s live show with Nashville recording artist Dale J Gordon and claymation king Rob Stewart from the Teal Audio Project at Silver Sound Studios in Nashville! And we play a recording of Dale J Gordon, Rob Stewart and 40 Oz Pimp playing a classic 40 Oz Pimp song.

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