Roy Backpack Baron Presidential Candidate and 40 Oz Pimp| CB148

Roy ‘Backpack’ Baron is running for President in 2016. Roy hangs out with the Real Life Yoda on the regular. Roy is an author, broadcaster, journalist, editor-in-chief, public leader, and quality assurance expert. Roy wants to send illegal immigrants to Boy Scout camps and refuses to put anybody into ovens for any reason. Learn more about the fascinating being that is Roy ‘Backpack’ Baron in episode 148 of the Chris Brake Show!

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Ya Boy Roy 'Backpack' Baron is Running for President 2016

Ya Boy Roy ‘Backpack’ Baron is Running for President in 2016

Roy ‘Backpack’ Baron Topics

  • Servant leaders vs politicians
  • Living on $13 last month
  • Roy’s strict ‘No Oven’ policy
  • Sending illegal immigrants to boy scout camps
  • Stance on gun control
  • 3D printing of AR-15 assault rifles
  • Magnified View
  • Taking care of the Real Life Yoda
  • Counter terrorism
  • Making sure Americans are safe
  • Wars with no names
  • Picking a vice president: does he have to be black?
  • Did Roy get an inheritance?
  • Working in corporate America
  • Hiking the Oregon Trail

Roy ‘Backpack’ Baron Links

@MyHumanCompass on Twitter

@RealRoyBaron on Twitter

click here to check out the Roy Baron Rap Song

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