‘The Boy Named Ash’ Author Ian Justice | CB143

Ian Justice is a 9-year-old author who just finished his first book, The Boy Named Ash: Ash Gets a GirlfriendThis is the first in a series of books that Ian is writing and publishing with the help of his father Rich, who is also an author. We talk with Ian and his father Rich about all the other books Ian is working on right now, who else Ian is collaborating with, and Ian gives us some exclusive info about upcoming book plots. This episode is a real treat!

'The Boy Named Ash' Author Ian Justice | CB143

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Ian Justice Topics

  • Archie comics
  • Tuxedos
  • Who keeps the money from Ian’s books
  • Two Villains, Ian’s father’s books
  • What Ian’s new book Sky Pirates is going to be about
  • What Ash is building for the Science Fair in The Boy Named Ash Book 2
  • Rich Justice talks about Bullying and How schools have changed
  • The Director’s Cut of The Boy Named Ash: Ash Gets a Girlfriend with tons of violence;
    • “It’s insane.” – Rich
  • Other kids and writers who Ian is working with

Buy The Boy Named Ash: Ash Gets a Girlfriend (Book 1)

Ian’s book is available now on Kindle! Click the book image below to get your copy of The Boy Named Ash: Ash Gets a Girlfriend:

Ian Justice Links


Also in this Episode

Chris wants to visit North Korea, and we accidentally talk about Yale’s Skull & Bones club.

And the 40 Oz Pimp calls in to talk about a new tour he’s going on, and we get an extensive update on the Folder situation.



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