Terrell Clayton: Actor and Instructor | CB140

Terrell Clayton tells us it’s okay to use the phrase “black movies.” We talk with Terrell Clayton about black movies, white movies, how the TV & film industry works, what you have to do to be nominated for an Emmy, why celebrities can’t get regular jobs, Terrell’s unique acting method, hanging out with Will Smith, and the “Will-uminati.”

We also talk about The Black Movie, which isn’t a real thing, but John thinks it should be.


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Hi Nicole!

Nicole joins us as this episode’s go-host! You may remember Nicole from CB137.

Terrell Clayton’s Movies

Terrell Clayton has been in a ton of movies and television shows. Here’s a list of the shows and films he’s been in that we talk about in this episode:

  • Waist Deep
  • CSI
  • Wild Things 3
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Six Feet Under
  • The Norm Show

For a full list of Terrell’s TV & film roles, check out Terrell’s IMDB profile.

Upcoming Movies with Terrell Clayton in Them

Terrell’s got two new movies coming out soon. Be on the lookout for:

The Spearhead Effect


Here’s the teaser trailer for U.N.I.F.A. (Terrell’s the guy driving the car!):

Terrell Clayton Links




Buy Terrell’s new book The Purpose of the Audition: 7 Steps To Audition Empowerment (Built The Confidence You Need To Book Every Audition)!

Click the image below to find out more and buy the book.

7 Steps To Audition Empowerment (Built The Confidence You Need To Book Every Audition)

Terrell Clayton’s The Purpose of the Audition: 7 Steps To Audition Empowerment (Built The Confidence You Need To Book Every Audition)


Also in this Episode

We also talk about people voting for Donald Trump at the Indiana primary elections and the media blackout on Ted Cruz in Indiana.

Here’s the movie Chris refers to that shows what it would be like if black people were the majority and white people were the minority:

White Man’s Burden


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