David Johnson Is Joe Buck plus Mike Moore from The Wheelbarrow Full Of Dicks | CB139

Are all the stories in the news lies? Is Katy Perry actually JonBenét Ramsey?  Was the Civil War a hoax? Mike Moore from WFODicks joins us to chat with infamous conspiracy theorist David Johnson about Dave’s phone calls to the CIA and Secret Service, a strange White House power outage, families of control funding fake news, satellite Dave J and the source of the holographic moon, Kabbalah, number spells and predictive programming in the media, Kai the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker, Harriet Tubman, the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the flat earth firmament theory, and Dave informs us that Joe Biden and Donald Trump is the same guy, and our buddy Stephen “Steve-O” Glover is also doubling as Canada Finance Minister Joe Oliver. This episode will blow your mind!

David Johnson Is Joe Buck plus Mike Moore from The Wheelbarrow Full Of Dicks | CB139

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“All government is a hoax. Period.” – Dave Johnson

Also in this episode

Mike More apologizes to Dr. Robert Weil “The Sports Doctor” on behalf of Strange Label for what happened on our last episode, Cocking Around with Dr. Robert Weil the Sports Doctor | CB138.

Mike also talks about his favorite Chris Brake Episode, Marine Sergeant Cosmo and Haircuts for 13 Dollars | CB087, and John’s penis retractment issue.

And Later, Mike accuses David Johnson of being Joe Buck.

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

Joe Buck

Joe Buck


David Johnson Links

Dave Johnson’s Youtube Channel

More videos on David Johnson’s Vidme Channel


Dave Johnson’s JonBenét Ramsey is Katy Perry video


David Johnson’s White House Power Outage video

Dave Johnson calls the CIA, Secret Service, etc

David Johnson’s Civil War Hoax video

Dave Johnson’s Holographic Moon Photo

Holographic Moon Photo by Dave Johnson Photo

“I took this photo myself. That is a Star through the ‘moon’!- Dave Johnson

Satellite Dave J / Source of Moon Hologram

David Johnson said he spent years tracking the source that’s projecting the moon hologram. He finally found it! He’s named it Satellite Dave J. You can see a photo of Satellite Dave J below, courtesy of Dave Johnson.

Satellite Dave J | Source of Holographic Moon Projection

Satellite Dave J | Source of Holographic Moon Projection



Dave Johnson’s video exposing the Steve-O/Joe Oliver Hoax

David’s videos explaining his Flat Earth theory


John’s Penis Retractment Links








185 thoughts on “David Johnson Is Joe Buck plus Mike Moore from The Wheelbarrow Full Of Dicks | CB139

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