Nicole: Gangstalking Targeted Individual | CB137

“Doctors, police departments, lawyers… everybody is involved in this.”  Nicole talks about smear campaigns, job mobbing, poisoned food, and other tactics gangstalkers use against Targeted Individuals. We also talk about Julianne-McKinney, the depopulation agenda for the world, how gang stalkers have harassed Nicole on the bus, street theatre harassment, Nicole’s military background, Monarch mind control, MK ultra, Project Paperclip, and Jake talks about aliens.


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“Doctors, police departments, lawyers… everybody is involved in this. As soon as the Targeted Individual tries to get help they make sure you’re labeled a schizophrenic ASAP. Which is why my son is in someone else’s care. This is what they do.

[Gangstalking] is very organized.

Its just really sick and crazy, and the worst part of it is they are recruiting everyone into this operation including children.”

Also in this Episode

Jake tells us about smart dust, the word “bolth,” and forgets to remind John to remind Chris to… well, Jake didn’t remind me so I forget.

And Chris quizzes John to see if he knows which albums Andrew WK’s songs are on, and tries to figure out why David Lindquist won’t retweet our interview with him.


Nicole’s Youtube channels with gangstalking videos and more:

Read more about Julianne McKinney:

Read more about Monarch mind control programming:

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