Nell Minow The Movie Mom | CB134

Yahoo! Roger Ebert. Huffington Post. The Motion Picture Association of America. The Movie Mom has rocked them all on a weekly basis with her biting movie reviews. Her job is to watch movies, and she really knows what makes a great film. Or a really terrible film. 

Movie Mom talks Nora Ephron, the WFOD Hollywood Fantasy League, why Batman vs Superman and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 are bad Fantasy League picks, Movie Mom’s 3 reasons Adam Carolla is wrong, why she’s the only critic in the world who liked the Bratz movie, which movies make money no matter what reviews say, good documentaries you should check out, Midnight Run, Good Girls Revolt, and some exclusive insider info about My Blue Heaven that no other reviewer will tell you. And later, Movie Mom accuses Adam Sandler of having contempt for the audience (with valid supporting evidence).

Movie Mom Nell Minow Interview on Chris Brake Show CB134

Chris Brake Show CB134 | Movie Mom Nell Minow

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Buy Movie Mom’s Book

Check out Movie Mom’s totally sick book The Movie Mom’s Guide to Family Movies. It’s chock full of movie reviews that will help you pick great flicks to watch with your children (or your parents) during family movie nights. Click the cover image below to read some of The Movie Mom’s Guide to Family Movies for free before you buy the whole thing on Amazon.

Get it on Amazon | Movie Mom's Guide to Family Movies

Movie Mom’s Guide to Family Movies

Movie Mom’s Real Name

Nell Minow. (Tweet @moviemom and @nminow)

Movie Mom’s Credentials (con’t)

The New York Times. Forbes. CBS This Morning. Fox Morning News. CNN. NPR. USA Today. Chicago Tribune. She is also “Tomatometer-approved” on, and she’s racked up over three grand movie reviews at

Movie Mom’s Metalhead Son

Movie Mom’s son is a metalhead author named Ben Apatoff. He wrote a book that looks really awesome called Metal Fan Notes. Click the cover image below to grab a copy for yourself. See those concert tickets on the cover? Those are his tickets!

Movie Mom's Son's Book: A Metal Fan's Notes by Ben Apatoff

Movie Mom’s Son’s Book: A Metal Fan’s Notes by Ben Apatoff

Movie Mom & Simple Jack

Chris throws a real curveball in there at Movie Mom. Will she correctly identify the obscure reference to Simple Jack? What the heck is Simple Jack? Only true movie buffs may know.

Nell Minow the Movie Mom Weighs in on the R-Word on Chris Brake Show

Movie Mom Talks Simple Jack on Chris Brake Show

Also In This Episode

  • Ramones vs Sick Of It All
  • Emerson Theater
  • Indianapolis punk scene
  • Suicide Machines are awesome live
  • FLAC audio
  • Eric Clapton’s amp
  • Andrew WK’s song “End of Our Lives”

One thought on “Nell Minow The Movie Mom | CB134

  1. Three For Movies:

    1. Those who make them.

    2. Those who watch them.

    3. Those who evaluate them.
    The Movie Mom, as we all know-
    Featured on the Chris Brake Show,
    Nell Minow.


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