‘Sexual Confessional’ Author Nicole Delacroix plus ‘The 40 Oz Bounce’ Debut | CB124

Nicole Delacroix, author of Sexual Confessional: Confidential Admissions from Social Media, talks with us about pansexuality, new gender definitions, gender fluidity, having sex in a park, and helps us figure out if women are Adam Carolla fans. Later, the 40 Oz. Pimp calls in with AJ from Triggered Impulse to debut the new 40 Oz Pimp single, “40 Oz Bounce.”

Sexual Confessional Author Nicole Delacroix plus The 40 Oz Bounce Debut | CB124

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Check out Nicole Delacroix’s website at http://nicole-delacroix.com/

Follow Nicole Delacroix on Twitter @NicoleDelaCroix

Check out “40 Oz Bounce” by the 40 Oz Pimp below.


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