Microchip Victims, Targeted Individuals, Gangstalking | CB120

Meet David and Patty: David was raised in a Satanic cult under MK Ultra mind control. Patty is being burned with plasma lasers and having her thoughts extracted without her consent. We talk about electronic harassment, microchipping, breathable nanotechnology, mind control, sex kitten programming, project Monarch, brain mapping, gang stalking, voice to skull technology (V2K), and Satanic ritual abuse. And we find out how much it costs to build your own laser at home.


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In the episode, David says Ted Gunderson helped him. Yes, he’s talking about that Ted Gunderson, the former FBI Special Agent.


During the episode we mentioned the James Walbert case. Here’s two links about that guy.





9 thoughts on “Microchip Victims, Targeted Individuals, Gangstalking | CB120

  1. Please contact me at bets062002@gmail.com. I am a friend of Davidsand a victim as well in grave danger and need of help. I don’t know how these evil people get away with this.

    I was almost murdered by them. My life destroyed. My elderly late mom was abused and tortured at their hands no doubt.

    The police have failed on every level to help in any way. It’s time to get real help so that I can see my children again, put their minds at ease and get my life back.
    I am a fine artist a photographer and human rights activist. I have2 college degrees. Presently no home. A stolen car and barely any property left.


  2. Remote neural monitoring satellite harassment terrorism and human experimentation of Brazil

    The brains of brazilians are connected to satellite technology to long for torture and murder and the government continues to ignore the facts. This satellite technology is controlled by a global network of Criminals these elements they enter the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using telephone antennas, satellite and the brain human. Organized crime uses this weapons in drug and People trafficking to ring public tenders and vestibular our simply to torture innocent People. The weapons is dangerous through it you can insert sounds, images and other noises in the target’s head with the aid of acoustic waves vibrational, eletromagnetic radio frequency sound with the use of implantion or brain signature. This modern torture mechanism and elimination of human rights and individual privacy aims to weaken the target of the attack. This weapons uses Neuroeletronicas brain frequency of 3hz to 50hz distance to torture victim by sending intracranial voices plague victims who be come human guinea pigs in the hands of entire gangs that are usurping these bodies victims need to try a faraday cage p try to get rid of this harassment. Recently a US law against the use of climate and mind control weapons was passed, i would like to know the opinion of authorities regarding this type of crime around the world?


  3. My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life means to break free of this harassment. Criminals step into the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using mobile phone masts and satellite. The mental grocery prison of life, torture or brain radar signature.There is a software created and based on neurosciense of the brain and humam mind that is being used to torture People. Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,



  4. hi all
    I can’t stand invisible hurt cut pull push rubs my breast shoulders sore stomach more acid anus rubs torture 34/7/365 since 2013 autumn.invisible harass my sleep modify create new shape against my own shape look cute. everyone knew me and won’t help me. my parents won’t believe me but my bro believes in me but he still not like my lazy lonely no job never been pregnancy married jail. invisible high tech come from http://www.rosslynlofts.net http://www.glendaleadventistmedicalcenter.com http://www.sorensonvrs.com
    I don’t like invisible pull my jaw to left side of my body often they sex molester track my nerves. dentist radu cherokee deaf works for mariana kazangian in reseda california.radu c damaged my teeth become smaller crowns easy slip and too small.he said it’s good for me he said i bite people. I never bite people. what i do? my email is bestpetsa@aol.com cell text 626 698 9337.


  5. I’d recommend for those being targeted to look up mind control implants. There are several of them located in your body working in a cycle. For instance, the implant in your head received a signal from a implant in your chest and from there charges your pelvic area to your forearms, and so forth. You must deactivate the one located in your chest first to break the on-going confusing cycle since I believe that’s the most crucial one. It’s near your heart. Neodymium Magnets that can lift a bare minimum of 250 lbs should work in deactivating one or several just listen for the clicks and it may or may not attract to the implants, but you’ll feel a fry and clicks. A giant click will mean it’s starting to get a lot of stress and that’s your half way mark of disabling these murder devices. I hope this helps. I will remain anonymous


    • its me again since jan 30 here im deaf since my birth, can any which court help me stop invisible torture cut rape me all time?
      they hurt my guinea pigs babies sometime and invisible blame and depend on me. they blame me for my lazy not much discipline etc
      im deaf im no perfect. i went and called police wont help me. fbi can help me or they would take me to mental hospital again? stop any liars are using me to support my sister in law who was my former classmate until 1994. its real in humanitywarriors.com?
      we have favorites unstable and stable mix decision in time and age i dont like it.
      email bestpetsa@aol.com


    • hi joe
      why not tell me where to find and buy neodymium magnet? are there some fake this magnet?
      everyone has microchip varities of track in body of course, i agree its illegal to hurt victims and unvictims in air. did you fill or call senator in your state or county against torture?
      how you feel now?
      invisible seem hate me at all they work to hurt people for ideas. im happy im single no need sex toys no one is real sex between woman and man, gay or lesbian, food sleep pets is better than sex.
      sorry i said too personal.

      joe be honest with me. no tricks. im in huge pain since long time and i lost more in usa than europe. 😦


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