Latter Day Saints REVEALED by Former Mormon and Activist NewNameNoah | CB116

Mike Norton says Mormonism is a dangerous cult. Norton is famous for exposing Mormon secrets on his YouTube channel NewNameNoah. We talk with Mike about what’s really going on in the Mormon temples, Joseph Smith’s Freemasonic and con artist roots, and all kinds of stuff the Mormon church doesn’t want us to know about. Mike also treats us to an exclusive recording of the Mormon Endowment Ceremony – the version before they changed it in 1990. This version makes Mormons talk about executing their own families, having their throats slit, and organs ripped out if they should ever reveal Mormon secrets. Mike also exposes the 2nd Anointing Ceremony – another super secret Mormon ceremony that’s super weird.

Latter Day Saints REVEALED by Former Mormon and Activist NewNameNoah | CB116


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We also talk with Mike about getting death threats from Mormons, being raised a 4th generation Latter-Day Saint, what it’s like to be a proxy for baptisms for the dead, doing security for LDS, sneaking into Mormon temples, why he exposes Mormonism. And Mike responds to allegations of extortion, restraining orders, and more floating around a Mormon message board.

The Daniel Johnson Issue

Mormon High Priest Daniel Johnson wrote to us asking to come on the show to help clear up some common misconceptions about Mormonism. So we talked with him on CB107. He wouldn’t talk about the Mormon Endowment Ceremony, so Chris pulled up a video called “Behind The Veil” after we finished talking with Johnson. It was a hidden camera video of the Mormon Endowment Ceremony.

Mormon High Priest Daniel Johnson wrote to us after we published CB107 saying he didn’t appreciate that we included the “Behind The Veil” video on the CB107 episode and blog post. So we brought him back on the show to talk more about Mormonism and why the Endowment Ceremony really isn’t all that weird after all.

We then contacted Mike Norton, the guy who made the “Behind The Veil” video, and asked if he’d be interested in coming on the show to give his side of Mormonism. He listened to our interview with Daniel Johnson on CB107 and told us Johnson had blatantly lied to us to hide what Mormons really believe.

Mike says Johnson was talking in circles, telling half-truths, and sometimes flat out lying to us about what goes on in the Mormon LDS church.

Videos and Links

Check out the YouTube playlist below featuring some of NewNameNoah’s videos:

For more videos go to

@newnamenoah on Twitter

New NewNameNoah Videos

“Releasing the new videos is going to bring lots of new death threats.”

Mike’s dropping some new videos in 2016 that will expose new ceremonies that the public has never seen. 

#MormonTempleMovie for more info.


4 thoughts on “Latter Day Saints REVEALED by Former Mormon and Activist NewNameNoah | CB116

  1. Hi guy’s,
    seems like you have your teeth into this subject but just remember when speaking to Mormons you are also speaking to the CIA so a bit Pirate and always clownish to be as underestimated as possible, that’s how to stay safe. 🙂


    • OMG, Anthony Cummins!
      So, I am not the only one who believes the Mormons are totally connected to the CIA!

      They were completely infiltrated by the CIA back in the late 1950’s is my guess on time frame.. Maxwell would be the obvious deep cover… and now all the black ops and secret military complex billions is stashed and hidden in the $billion dollar tax exempt LD$ Inc bank accounts -which are never disclosed to the IRS OR the duped LDS blind-faithers… PRETTY GOOD COVER FOR THE COVERT WORK OF THE CIA AND DEEP MILITARY COMPLEX!!


  2. I want to thank Mike for the temple clips. I was born Mormon but have never been in a temple. My Mormon father was so cruel and abusive to me that I couldn’t believe his religion could be any good. It isn’t. Mormonism is a quagmire of guilt and superstition. It breaks hearts and families in its relentless pursuit of money and power. You cannot be a member without paying. You cannot be saved without paying. You cannot enter the temple without paying. Notice the pattern? Mormonism is a confidence fraud.


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