Self-Made Man Sam Forline | CB108

24-year-old Sam Forline went from ADHD college dropout to successful entrepreneur making over $1,000 a day. Sam tells us how he started his first company, Blue Collar Scholars, and how he started making money. We also talk about a flying drone cat, new technology being used to blackmail people in new ways, Ashley Madison getting hacked, and what a typical day is like in the life of super ultra entrepreneur Sam Forline.

Sam also helps Chris figure out how to get paid to do what Chris loves to do: smoke weed and paint.

Self-Made Man Sam Forline | CB108

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Sam Forline Rocks and Rolls

24-Year-Old Entrepreneur Sam Forline

Sam’s newest venture is the Readybox: “the fastest consumer 3D printer in the world.” Check out the links below for more information on Sam and all of his companies.

Sam Forline Links – Sam’s first company that brings in $1,000 a day – Sam’s app creation company – Sam’s viral marketing company – Sam owns part of the fastest consumer 3D printer in world

Other Topics

We also talk about Chris jumping on things, Vive lumbar support, John’s dog Harold chewing on stuff, various wildlife in Chris’s yard, and a lady at the gas station that is really starting to freak Chris Brake out.


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