Clownalyn Monroe and Michael De Gainsborough | CB106

Clownalyn Monroe. Half clown. Half Marilyn Monroe. Full awesome.

We talk to Clownalyn Monroe about quitting her job to become a clown, getting the cold shoulder from Clownvis, wearing Clownverse shoes, busking on Venice Beach, making balloons for children in Beverly Hills, and the fine line one must walk being both a burlesque performer and a children’s clown-for-hire.

Bonus! A special appearance by Clownalyn’s neighbor, Michael De Gainsborough. Also known as Christian Slater’s dad!

Clownalyn Monroe on Chris Brake Show CB106

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Top 5 Clownalyn Monroe Links

  1. Official Clownalyn Monroe Website
  2. @ClownalynMonroe on Twitter
  4. Clownalyn Monroe YouTube Channel
  5. Clownalyn Monroe on GigSalad

Here’s a Chris Brake Show Episode CB106 YouTube Playlist with some of Clownalyn Monroe’s videos. Check it out!

Bonus! Michael De Gainsborough (Christian Slater’s Dad)

Michael De Gainsborough

Michael De Gainsborough

One of Clownalyn’s neighbors happens to be Michael De Gainsborough, aka, Christian Slater’s dad. We talk a little bit with Michael about his book The Great American Novel: Blood Bound, A Masterpiece and learn some disheartening news about the silver screen legend and Cuffs star, Christian Slater.


6 thoughts on “Clownalyn Monroe and Michael De Gainsborough | CB106

  1. I love your show. I’m glad you’re on podcast because I’m always running a few weeks behind. Just listed to the Sept 7 program and the rapper guy was pretty good. Check out @Mark_Kreazy on Twitter he has a cool act. I don’t know the guy, I just found him by accident and liked what I heard. He’s very original and has terrific production.


  2. I enjoyed watching Clownalyn for the first time. I have known Michael De Gainsborough aka Tom Slater for about 2 yrs, and got his story out in the “Enquirer” Dec.21,15. He is very talented in his own right with original music and stories and can be very charming. He also has a compulsion to write people what he thinks of them in political terms when he disagrees with them.


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