Playmate Charlotte Kemp, Author of ‘Centerfolds’ the Book | CB105

Playboy Playmate Charlotte Kemp just wrote a new book called Centerfolds – a collection of juicy first-hand stories from the women of Playboy. Charlotte, crowned “Miss Budweiser” and “Best Breasts in the USA”, talks with us about life at the Playboy Mansion, accidentally being scouted at age 17, the heinous incident on the Sally Jessy Raphael Show, the hairiness of Robin Williams, and throwing a backgammon board at Hugh Hefner’s face under strong suspicion that Hefner was cheating. At backgammon.

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Centerfolds, the Book

Centerfolds by Playboy Playmate Miss December 1982 Charlotte Kemp

Centerfolds has all sorts of interesting stories involving celebrities and other first-hand accounts that you won’t read anywhere else. Charlotte says Hugh Hefner has a “What Happens at the Playboy Mansion, Stays at the…” rule, but she published the book anyway because she felt like these women’s stories should be told.

CHRIS BRAKE SHOW EXCLUSIVE: Bill Cosby Assault Allegation

Charlotte Kemp also tells us a story that’s not in the Centerfolds book: the time she met Bill Cosby at the Playboy Mansion. You’ll have to listen to the episode for the details, but it wasn’t a jolly Bill Cosby that Kemp describes meeting. Far from it, dude.


Check out Charlotte Kemp’s website at

Pick up a copy of Charlotte’s book Centerfolds on Amazon.

Centerfolds by Playboy Playmate Charlotte Kemp

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Retraction / Screw Up

There’s a really weird thing in this episode. We all came down with a case of George McGovern/George Wallace Confusion. Well, Chris didn’t. He was right the whole time. But I suppose he was confused. So, yes. We all experienced George McGovern/George Wallace Confusion. But it should be pretty funny for you to listen to.


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