Almighty Spit Returns with Indianapolis Hip Hop | CB104

Indianapolis hip hop artist Almighty Spit is in the studio! We talk to Almighty Spit about weight loss, fighting in the Indianapolis music scene, getting beat up for saying ‘nigga,’ paying for beats vs. using free beats, and making tracks with Logan Log. Spit also talks about his studio technique, his girlfriend smuggling meth into a prison, and the proper way to make a toast.

“If you got a name that begins with Yung or Lil, I ain’t even gonna listen to your shit.”

The Almighty Spit

Almighty Spit Returns with Indianapolis Hip Hop | Chris Brake Show 104

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New Almighty Spit Songs

We also listen to two new* Almighty Spit tracks: “Son of Satan” and “Get It”. Spit also describes a sexual experience he recently had that was so good he had an out of body experience and cried afterward.

Almighty Spit / Chris Brake Show Jam

Spit freestyles to some fresh Snowgoons beats live on the show. And there’s even a live jam with the Chris Brake Show and Almighty Spit where we all do our thing.

Almighty Spit on Soundcloud

Check out Almighty Spit on Soundcloud at Go listen to some of his tracks and show him some love.

*The songs have been on Almighty Spit’s Soundcloud account for a minute or two, but they’re still pretty new. Let me ask you this: Have you heard them before?


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