Courtney Love Pay Your Artist Greg Frederick | CB103

Courtney Love hired a giant fan named Greg Frederick to design her merchandise. She’s sold the merch all over the world and made thousands of dollars. Courtney Love refuses to pay Greg Frederick a dime.

Courtney Love Pay Your Artist Greg Frederick! | CB103

You believe the nerve of this lady?

Listen to Greg tell the story of how he went from lifelong Courtney Love superfan to getting taken for thousands of dollars by the corporate greed machine known as Courtney Love, how it feels when your childhood hero breaks your heart, Love’s manager Sam Lutfi, and how Courtney Love is deleting her fans Tweets telling her to pay Greg.

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Courtney Love’s Isolated Guitar Track

We also listen to some isolated live audio of Courtney Love’s actual guitar playing. Turns out, at least at this particular show, she sounded like a no-armed blind woman hacking at strings like a barbarian. You’ve really got to hear this. I (John) couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it.

Then we listen to an isolated live audio Linda McCartney track, which was equally as bad. You’ve got to hear this to believe it.

Courtney Loves Taking Advantage  of “Gay Superfan Kids”

Courtney Love Email Correspondence with Sam Lutfi and Greg Frederick

“Gay superfan kids, hell [sic] do it for free/very little and im [sic] all for it.” – Courtney Love

Courtney Love with Greg Frederick wearing one of the shirts he designed | Source:

Courtney Love with Greg Frederick. Greg is wearing one of the shirts he designed. | Source:

Check out Greg Frederick’s website at for more information and hilarious photos from the Courtney Love debacle. You can also buy some of his awesome artwork. Support the cause!

#CourtneyPayGreg on Twitter

Courtney Love’s superfans are on Twitter Tweeting Tweets to Courtney telling her to pay Greg Frederick, with the hashtag #CourtneyPayGreg.  Courtney’s just deleting the Tweets and acting like nothing’s going on.

Greg Frederick's Custom Designs for Courtney Love Merchandise

Greg Frederick’s Custom Designs for Courtney Love Merchandise | Source:

Tweet “Courtney Love Cobain” today at @Courtney and tell her to pay her artist, Greg Frederick! And for the third time, for goodness sake, please use the hashtag #CourtneyPayGreg.

Greg Frederick’s Initial Video Submission to Courtney Love

Here’s the video that Greg made that got Courtney Love’s attention to begin with.


Greg told us that after he initially published his story, Courtney Love’s lawyer contacted Greg and said they wanted to settle the situation “civilly.” But Greg never heard from them again.

Dora’s Not Dead

Dora Argh’s not dead. She was having a long dream about the Chris Brake Show. Chris tells us the details of this dream (it involves us sitting in the studio doing the show).

Long live Dora Argh!

Chris [Wants to Clean and Polish a] Rock

Chris has an interesting idea involving a rock in his yard. But this proves complicated when Chris must clean the rock. How do you clean a rock? Well, we talk about that.

Other stuff from this episode

We learn that Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug, on trees in the forests of India and Thailand.

We learn just how John got away with peeing on the boat unnoticed?

We remember the time that Sexy Sarah peed on a tree.

We pose the question… Does Producer Bryan’s wife Brittany make Bryan pee sitting down? Chris presents stunning evidence.

We learn about Adam Ricki’s “Justin” Box – for “Just in case” something happens, he can grab this Justin Box and he’s good to go.

We recall the time Adam Ricki and Chris tried to make Sodium Acetate, or “hot ice.”

We also talk about the Lifestraw and how it shows a guy drinking straight out of a nasty old pond with it. Click on the image below to go buy it so we can make a few pennies!

Seriously though, look at this thing.

Drink Dirty Water with Lifestraw

Look at that nasty water! Lifestraw makes it taste great.

That’s some serious water filtration, bro.


One thought on “Courtney Love Pay Your Artist Greg Frederick | CB103

  1. Three About Some Famous People:

    1. Talented.

    2. Wondrous.

    3. Don’t pay the little people.
    Regarding Greg Frederick and his work
    for free-
    Simply ain’t ought to be.
    “Courtney Love Pay Your Artist”


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