Dale Gordon from Inner Beats | CB101

Dale Gordon from Inner Beats talks about creating things with vibrations, being a late bloomer, what drumming does to your body and mind, and how drums can help people with mental illnesses or mental disabilities.

Dale also gives us a LIVE DRUM JAM where she plays not one, not three, but TWO different drums of hers live on the show. And tells us how to create a real Drum Circle… even if you’re by yourself.

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Dale Gordon from Inner Beats on Chris Brake Show CB101

Dale Gordon from Inner Beats on Chris Brake Show CB101

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Vibration, Baby

Dale explains the science of vibration and how drumming alters you brain waves. She says drums are an ancient technique to synchronize the body and the mind.

Dale Gordon Drum Workshop | Chris Brake Show

Dale Gordon Drum Workshop

How To Make A Drum Circle

Dale Gordon explains the magic of a Drum Circle, and tells us how to start your own drum circle at any time wherever you are.

“I sat down with two people in Washington Square Park… it created 100s of people right in the middle of New York City.”

  • Dale Gordon

Dale Gordon Videos

Dale Gordon from InnerBeats

Dale Gordon from Inner Beats

Dale Gordon Links

Dale Gordon’s website is innerbeats.net.

Where can you see Dale Gordon live?

“New York Public Libraries. – if you’re around town, look me up!”

Email Dale at dginnerbeats@innerbeats.net

Dale J. Gordon from InnerBeats.net | Chris Brake Show

Chris Brake Show Boating Excursion

We went out on a boat and John found out he can’t pee in the water on demand.

We also talk about road trips and that one guy who always loses the keys.

Challenges Issued

Mike Moore, WFOD

Mike Moore, WFOD: You’ve been called out.

In this episode we call out Mike Moore from WFODicks, as well as our good buddy Jake. You hear that Jake? Mike from WFOD? You’ve been called out. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Oh yeah.


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