Do You Give A Shit About Dale J. Gordon? | CB099

Listeners, vote now! Do you guys give a shit about Dale J. Gordon?

We call up our favorite Nashville recording artist Dale J. Gordon and put him up on the chopping block as we let YOU vote and tell US if anybody out there gives a care about ol’ Dale J. We’ve had this guy on the show numerous times, and if nobody gives a shit about Dale J. Gordon on the Chris Brake Show by now… maybe it’s time to say goodbye to Dale? You decide! Make sure to vote in the poll above.

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Do You Give A Shit About Dale J. Gordon? Vote Now

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Exclusive Dale J. Gordon Listening Party

We unveil the song “Hand Me Down” by #1 Nashville recording artist Dale J. Gordon. That’s right, you will hear the brand new song “Hand Me Down” by ol’ Dale J. Gordon right here in this episode.

Dale J.’ll Tell Ya

Dale tells us what a harem is, his feelings on monogamy, and campaigns for the Sexual Alleviation Program (SAP) he’s working on. Doing it for the workin’ man!

“It’s only cheating if you’re playing a game.” – Dale J. Gordon, Nashville Recording Artist

Old Uncle Dale J. Gordon’s Hickey Removal Tips

Dale J. Gordon and Stampy have to think fast to remove a hickey so Dale’s girlfriend won’t see it. Stampy didn’t give him the hickey. Someone else did. She just helped severely injure Dale trying to get it off.

John Sleeps in Dale’s Room

…and disconnects all the electronics in the room. This makes Dale so angry that he refuses to ever put his music online. Ever. Listen to the episode to see how that worked out.


John has back pain, apparently. Chris talks John into ordering Dr. John E. Sarno, MD’s book, Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection and see if it fixes his back pain… forever.

John Sarno


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