Feeling Weird: John and Chris | CB095

ATTN: John writes these blog posts. And he wrote this one, too. He’s totally [a completely normal person]. It’s awesome.

Things get weird when 31-year-old John clashes with his parents, hard, when he starts acting “like himself” at home. His parents aren’t happy about this. At all.

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CB095 Feeling Weird: John and Chris

CB095 Feeling Weird: John and Chris

John’s a Disrespectful, Evil, Prick [Apparently?]

That’s right. His parents. Whom he still lives with. That is to say, John still lives at home. With his parents. And he’s 31. And he’s self-employed. And he works at home. And his parents are retired so they’re at home all the time, too. And….

[sarcasm]I wonder why they’re having issues…[/sarcasm]

At least they’re really, really hilarious issues!

The Family Argument makes for some of the most interesting show content John has probably ever contributed to the Chris Brake Show. Now, many different people are asking many different questions. Wouldn’t most people shy away from talking about these extremely personal issues? Aren’t John’s parents pissed that he’s talking about this stuff? Isn’t John embarrassed? What’s the matter with that guy??

  1. Well they wouldn’t if they wanted to have an interesting show, but I digress…

  2. Well, Dude, we just don’t know [yet]…

  3. John isn’t able to feel things. It’s a weird thing he has. And he can’t ride with anyone else except Chris or else he freaks out. He always has to drive, no matter what.

  4. That’s what we’ve all been trying to decode for over three decades.

Sit back and enjoy laughing at someone else’s interfamily problems that we can all relate to. I know I can. My name’s John Rapp. Welcome to the Chris Brake Show!

Come along and join the fun and join the jamboree!
Feel-ing Weird
John and Chris
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