Why? What’s Wrong With That? Why? | CB092

 MAE*GUN screams at Chris a lot on this episode.


Because he keeps asking, “Why?”

Why does MAE*GUN’s friend
say mean things to her
all the time?

MAE*GUN does not like it when
her “friend” breaks in to her house
while she’s at work. But… why?

What’s wrong with that?

We get deep into the MAE*GUN mind and see what’s going on there. Excellent episode.

Why? What's Wrong With That? | CB092 | Strange Label

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Is MAE*GUN a real life Eeyore?

Terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad things happened when MAE*GUN tries to ride on a boat. Why is that?

Is it cool if MAE*GUN’s friend breaks into her house?

He says it’s because he “left something over there” at her house. Sure. MmmHmmmmmm….

All I know is: Joey Potter wouldn’t put up with that nonsense.

Joey Potter Don't Play That Game

Is it okay to discipline your first child really hard?

Why or why not? We dissect MAE*GUN’s upbringing and why her life has sucked from the get-go. And why it continues to suck to this day.

Is MAE*GUN’s sister really on this episode?

Chris helps MAE*GUN choose her sister Kelsey as her replacement in the future whenever MAE*GUN is unable to make it.


  • Was MAE*GUN really her dad’s least favorite?
  • Was MAE*GUN a better person for having been raised by her grandparents?
  • Will MAE*GUN turn out like Willie Nelson?
  • Is it okay to “Hot Toddy” even if you have a boyfriend?
  • Didn’t they make Hot Toddy against the law? At least in the civilized countries, right?
  • Can Chris get MAE*GUN to ask him how he broke his glasses?
  • Did Chris Brake really superglue his fingers together?


  • Isn’t it illegal to have a Michael Jackson song on your podcast?
  • Wouldn’t it have been better if MAE*GUN sang a Coolio song on last week’s episode…?
  • The one where we interviewed Coolio?
  • What about a live version of Andy Kaufman singing “One More Song for You”…. surely we can play that?


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