Otto The Comic & Frank From Radio Fubar | CB085

We share some personal stories about Otto the Comic and how much he inspired us.

We also talk to the RadioFubar station owner, Frank, about why he’s shutting down the station.

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We Say Goodbye to Otto the Comic and Radio Fubar | CB085

Other topics include:”pay to play” scams, being forced to sell tickets, John Mellencamp, and Chris finds out that calling in to work because you just don’t want to come in doesn’t count as a sick day.

Fun Fact

Name of Otto the Comic’s Lucha Libre mask band: Otto & The Gearheads

Check out a cool playlist we put together of some sweet Otto videos:


Chris explains how to get days off of work, and it isn’t by “requesting” them.

Hardcore Braker Trivia

What was the date of the first Bone Fags show, where Otto the Comic opened with his awesome Lucha Libre band?

Quote #85

“Let’s burn this bitch to the ground!”
– Frank J. Wolverton,
RadioFubar station owner

Till next time, remember…

Pacey Witter and Sister, Gretchen | Chris Brake Show

Even Pacey had a buzz cut.


4 thoughts on “Otto The Comic & Frank From Radio Fubar | CB085

    • Otto’s an awesome dude – glad you had a chance to witness some of his awesomeness!! Sucks that it had to be under these pretenses, but I guess that’s how it goes sometimes.

      Thanks for listening J*Kolb!


      Liked by 1 person

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