The Sims, Gambling, and Beggars | CB084

Chris invents and tests his own roulette strategy and Mae*Gun shares some Terrible Tales from her glory days.

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The Sims, Gambling, & Beggars | Chris Brake Show #084

Other topics include: the Sims Freeplay, Street Hustlers, Junkies, and Edmnund Muskie’s Drug Addiction According to Hunter S. Thompson.

Fun Fact

The movie Chris recommends to John in this episode is: The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard


Chris tries to sell a car to the Ultimate Rude Crude Used Car Sales Dude, and argues with a homeless man who only accepts cash donations. John helps homeless people who have homes.

Hardcore Braker Trivia

What was the first Hardcore Braker Trivia question?

Quote #84

“All junkies are liars”
– Dale J. Gordon,
Nashville Recording Artist, Screenwriter, Poet, Farmer, Tae-Bo Instructor 

Till next time, remember…

Remember: Joey's WatchingJoey’s watching.

  2. Apr 11, 2011 – Under the headline “Big Ed Exposed as Ibogaine Addict,” in the April chapter of the … Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.


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