Mae*Gun “The Mistress of the Microphone” Meets Warren Rodwell | cb082

Mae*Gun the Mistress of the Microphone Meets Warren Rodwell | CB082


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This guy Rodwell was kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and holds the record for being held hostage longer than anybody else EVER in the whole Australia thing.

Mae*Gun | Actual Photo ID

mae*gun held hostage in own vacation home

We psychoanalyze MAE*GUN’s hierarchical position in her family unit, and why she gets trashed on all the time.

mistress of the microphone

Rodwell tells M*G to ask him anything. So she does. Dating, Australian snakes, favorite animal to ride… she even gets some Harry Potter shots in there. You wanted the best? You got the best!

Indianapolis 500 is Joke to Me| Warren Rodwell

“chris brake announced today that Indianapolis has the #1 largest sporting event in the world.”

Much to Warren Rodwell’s barber’s chagrin, the Indianapolis 500 is the largest sporting event in the world.

#1. Sporting event. In the World.

Rodwell’s barber might not believe it, but that doesn’t matter. Indianapolis still holds the title for the #1 Largest-and-therefore-Best Sporting Event in the World. And that happened all live on the Chris Brake Show. Historic.

everyone in america is [blank]

Another great Rodwell-ism: can you guess the race that all Americans turned into when Obama took over the gimmick?

How Did Swedish Get So Fat | Rodwell Memes

giant swedes to attack tokyo

Rodwell accuses Chris Brake’s people of being really huge.

australia owes warren rodwell a bunch of money

According to some weird Aussie rule, Rodwell is owed a bunch of money. But there’s a weird snag. Listen to learn how YOU can do your part to help Rodwell score a fat stack from the government.

What have you done for Warren Rodwell today?

America Is A Black Nation | Rodwell Memes

not normal, this situation

How did Rodwell get a super famous Australian rock ‘n roll mogul to record a song in support of his Free Rodwell movement? Details are still a little foggy, but you can hear it for yourself below.



11 thoughts on “Mae*Gun “The Mistress of the Microphone” Meets Warren Rodwell | cb082

  1. Great fun, guys. Always love your work. Try this link for the SITUATION NOT NORMAL song …. Anyone like to cover (any genre) ????

    SITUATION, NOT NORMAL by Peter Brideoake / Warren Rodwell (2015)

    Shot through the hand
    Cuffed and dragged
    Across the land
    Down to the boat
    I heard these words from my host

    Situation, not normal
    Situation, not normal

    See the state I’m in
    Frail and dampened
    Too stunned to grin
    But now, not so handsome

    Who can I trust
    in the place that we’re at
    No sense of rescue
    Cause somehow, we knew
    there’s no turning back

    Situation, not normal
    Not normal at all”
    Situation, not normal

    Faith is not mine
    Hope is just a false lie
    A knife at my throat
    Reminds me I’m still alive

    Strung up, with hate
    No chance of escape,
    Bound and gagged,
    Trapped in their crusade,

    And all I could hear
    Were these words from my host

    Situation not normal,
    Situation not normal

    With a media blackout
    No one knows of my plight
    Losing strength and weight
    Barely able to survive

    With the pain of suffering
    Wasting away most every thing
    Ribcage too big for my skin
    And a head held for ransom

    Situation, not normal
    Not normal at all”
    Situation, not normal

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  2. Loved the off the cuff questions.
    Sorry, I haven’t gotten use to the Mae*Gun name yet, Miss M. I want to say Chr*IS or J*ohn (like Ja*ohmmmmm). Sorry. I lost track of the episodes agenda.

    Liked by 1 person

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