Anxiety over Lottery while Squatting with Callers | CB80

 CB080 Anxiety over Lottery while Squatting with Callers | CB080

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Chris considers the near anxiety attack he suffered after he was caught in Conversation Crossfire. Mae*Gun pursues a career in gambling and avoids using the Squatty Potty in the studio bathroom. And we need YOUR help! If you can crack the riddle of The Masked Caller you could win BIG. Or SMALL. Or NOT AT ALL! See details below.

“It literally made me sick to my stomach… it was terrible…”

Which Kevin Smith movie is Mae*Gun referring to this time? Check out the ‘sode for Mae*Gun’s Short Movie Review of the quarter.

Chris Brake Show Says ‘No’ To Tusk. #tuskno

Mae*Gun recommends avoiding Teeth – a horror movie about a lady with teeth in her vagina and it bites off wieners left and right.

Masked Caller

Interactive podcast! Help us figure out the reason for this Masked Caller’s phone call. So far the only reason we can tell is they wanted to find out how we knew Mae*Gun. Was somebody trying to trick the Chris Brake Show into revealing the true identity of Mae*Gun? Nice try, Mystery Guy! But you’ve got to get up PRETTY early in the morning to fool us guyse at the Chris Brake Show.

Lottery Tickets

Mae*Gun’s thinking about getting addicted to gambling with lottery tickets. John reveals a secret lottery addiction problem and how it destroyed his entire Tax Check one year.

In this episode you will learn…

This one’s for all you Lost maniacs out there.

How many people won the lottery on the same day by playing the numbers from Lost — 4,8,15,16,23 and 42 — a mysterious number series that was deeply weaved throughout the show’s wild storyline.

Mae*Gun’s Toilet Fun

Mae*Gun experiences the Squatty Potty for the first time LIVE on the show when she uses the Chris Brake Show studio bathroom. Chris misuses the Squatty Potty and experiences some an EXTREMELY efficient bowel movement.

Mae*Gun is Sooooooooooo Short That…

In this episode we find out why Mae*Gun’s life is so much better than ours because of her low height advantage. In this episode we explore her better toilet experiences and her better movie theater experiences.

Extra Bonus Topics!

  • The Story about Deep Blue Something’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  • Cindy Argeylargie
  • Mae*Gun Wants A Bidet

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