Not Funny With A Quadcopter | CB079

Viva La Chris Brake Show!

Heavy Topics + Mae*Gun’s Glorious Flying Machine

Not Funny With A Quadcopter | CB079

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Last episode Mae*Gun drank a lot of whiskey on the show. We take to the nitty gritty and tackle some serious topics like drinking & driving, the world of conspiracy theories, and the ethnic influence that Mae*Gun’s Mexican heritage brings to the show. And later: and Chris plays a message-oriented song from Hair.

Mae*Gun gets a quadcopter!

Mae*Gun tells us about her new quadcopter and what happened while she was flying it around in a field at 1am.

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

We talk about conspiracy theories and how they make you feel icky. Dale J. Gordon and 40 Oz Pimp weigh in on the idea of upper echelon politicians requiring services of “tea boys.”


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