Kid Shoplifters, Where Is The Cheese? | CB078

Did you ever steal anything growing up? Ever get busted?

Kids Stealing, Where'd The Cheese Go? | CB078

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Okay, how about this… Is it okay for your girlfriend to wrestle with your male friends? And whose side do you take when your girlfriend starts a fight with your best friend?

And how tall was Napoleon? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this week’s Chris Brake Show!

Where’d the Cheese Go?

Mae*Gun is back and she tells one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard about police banging on her door and searching her house… for cheese? What?

Tweet of the Day

The WINNER of the Tweet of the Day goes to @maria_celtiti75, congrats!

Marie Celeste | Tweet of the Day Winner on the Chris Brake Show!

Marie Celeste | Tweet of the Day Winner on the Chris Brake Show!

What did she win? a Real Life Beanie Baby in a Barrel of Monkeys! Want to win the Tweet of the Day? Just follow us on Twitter @chrisbrakeshow and you could win something like this…

Tweet of the Day | Real Life Beanie Baby Barrel of Monkeys

Today’s Prize | Real Life Beanie Baby Barrel of Monkeys


Does Harold need his anal glands expressed? Chris explains why Ex-Producer Bryan is the guy for the job!

Harold the Little Buddy on the Chris Brake Show



23 thoughts on “Kid Shoplifters, Where Is The Cheese? | CB078

      • Oh, and John? I am a she/her not a he/him. I realizing using an initial isn’t much of an indicator. However, it made me laugh being called ‘he’ by Chris. (Debated mentioning it)


      • im totally watching H.R. PUFF-N-STUFF – FLUTE, BOOK & CANDLE episode — waka flocka is this mayne?? i never knew what our buddy andy was talking about when he’d call people “HR PUFF N STUFF” — is this Puff the Magic Dragon?

        OHHHH it’s straight outta the UK or something? Is that why I haven’t seen it? Cause they keep us here in the States against our will. And they’re turning us all into black people, it’s weird.



      • NO clue. I just remember watching this on Saturday morning, late 60s early 70s. Being on the tail end of baby boomers is more like buffer between them and the . . . what is the next generation called after the boomers?


      • Youse a member of the Generation X J*Kolb! I looked it up. 1960s to the early 1980s = Gen X. So you’re one foot Baby Boom, one foot Gen X?

        I guess I’m a Millennial, apparently also called the “New Baby Boomers”

        But if you were born in “the early 1980s” it says you’re also considered Gen X. So I, too, have a dual generation thing: one foot Gen X, one foot New Boom/Millennial.

        I thought there was a Generation Y in there somewhere though? Too confusing for me!!


        Liked by 1 person

      • yeah i think you just start getting AARP magazine in the mail at a certain age. there’s that Red Hat Society too, right? i thought it was about the Red Hat version of Linux, but turns out it’s not. .. or , is it ?

        -john ?


      • Yeah man, I got some ragged & rough dreams… i got some dreams man… you wake from up from them & you cant even function in “reality” because you’re just so disjointed from the ragged & rough dreams. Whats with that man.

        what kinda dreams do you have? i dont even remember what happens in the dreams, but they just make you Feel …. Weird.



      • Kind of like in a Time Warp. I remember an episode of Puff the magic dragon when I was a wee one had me all twisted up. Can still remember it. Even in the daytime, today it still flips me out. The one where the flute has warts and I dreamed the little flute multiplied and invaded my bedroom. They all just stood around watching me sleep. I think I was . . . really really little. Creepy. Still

        Liked by 1 person

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