Chris & John | CB077

This one’s off the wall, folks!

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Chris & John | Chris Brake Show #CB077

Things included in this episode…

  1. Totally Sick Ukulele & Vintage Mystery
    Guitar Jam Session

  2. Chris Gets A Sketchy Job Offer

  3. Jay Elliott Story From Grade School

  4. Story Involving A Hunter S. Thompson,
    Book, Police, camping

  5. New Go-Host Episode #2!

… and much, much more!

Mystery Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Chris has an odd-looking acoustic guitar with a 1/4″ guitar cable permanently attached to it so you can plug it into a guitar amp.

We fire it up and jam jam on some sweet riffs.

Check out what this thing looks like!

Harptone Acoustic Electric Mystery Guitar + John | Chris Brake Show

You can see the weird cord coming out the bottom of it in this high quality video footage below:

What’s the score with this Harptone Mystery Guitar? Read on to discover the mysterious Legend of the Harptone… if you dare!

As the story goes…

In the mid-1960s, Harptone hired luthier Stan Koontz to design a series of acoustic and electric guitars and basses for Standel.

Although exact quantities are not known, the consensus seems to be that just a few hundred instruments were ever made, all in 1967 and 1968, at Harptone’s facilities in Newark, New Jersey.

Chris gets a Totally Sketched Out (TSO) email, and we investigate this mystery live on the air.

Jay Elliott Story from Grade School

We went to school with this guy named Jay Elliott, from the band Stereo Deluxe. He’s pretty funny. There’s a couple really great J. Elliott soundbytes in this episode for you diehard Jellios out there.

Hunter S. Thompson Got Me Arrested (Sort Of)

Excellent story about Chris, a camping trip, police officers, and a(n) HST book.


It’s our new Go-Host’s second show! Do you think she will show up?


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