BMI Crackdown at Punk Rock Night | CB076

BMI Crackdown At Melody Inn

+ 40 Oz Pimp: Pistol Whipped with BB Gun? + New Gohost

BMI Crackdown at Punk Rock Night | CB076

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Cover songs outlawed?

We talk with Rich Barker from Punk Rock Night Indianapolis about the crazy rules & regulations that BMI and ASCAP places on music venues, such as the Melody Inn (where every Saturday night is Punk Rock Night!!)

40 Oz Pimp face injury

We talk with 40 about a picture he recently posted online that showed blood pouring from his face: a true facial injury! 40 tells us what went on and which one of his friends caused the injury. And also what happened to his brand new flatscreen TV!

Introducing our new gohost

Our official Sarah replacement has arrived. Say hello to Mae*Gun! Just kidding about her being our Sarah replacement. No one could replace Sarah, and we look forward to checking in with her in the future! But Mae*Gun’s going to try. Feel free to send us questions to ask Mae*Gun so we can all get to know her better! You can post them in the Chris Brakers Party Room.


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