Sarah Calls In Sick For The 16th Time | CB074

Sarah calls in for 16th time, which leads us to the discussion: why does Sarah call off so much? What is she¬†really doing when she doesn’t show up for the show?

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Sarah Calls in Sick for the 16th Time | CB074

Chris says he’s developed a sort of sixth sense about when Sarah isn’t going to show up. He’s been able to successfully predict when Sarah will say she’s not able to make the show. Chris shares his secret to figuring out if Sarah’s going to show up or not.

Then we figure out that – according to Sarah’s alibi – she should be available for a phone call about halfway through the show. So we call her up and talk to her directly – get the story straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were – and find out just what is going on with our dear Spitfire Sarah?


10 thoughts on “Sarah Calls In Sick For The 16th Time | CB074

    • I tried to take count. It’s been quite a lot. We used to not mention it and would just reschedule around her. But she’d usually call in during the rescheduled days as well. It may be more than 16! -Chris


  1. Three That We Are Sick Of:

    1. Certain subjects.

    2. Certain news.

    3. Certain people calling in.
    On the Chris Brake Show-
    After a vacation, or a holiday, is there
    something we don’t know?


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