Indianapolis Gang Member and Targeted Individual Matthew; + Almighty Spit vs Seth Dognaux; 40 Oz Pimp | CB072

We talk to a high ranking Indianapolis gang member who is being gang stalked, and get to the bottom of a beef between Indianapolis rapper Almighty Spit and Seth Dognaux. Sarah calls in sick, but she’s with us via Skype – and we also talk to the 40 Oz. Pimp.

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Interview with Indianapolis Gang Member and Targeted Individual Matthew; + Almighty Spit vs Seth Dognaux; 40 Oz Pimp | CB072

After our Gang Stalking episode, we were contacted by several other people who are being attacked with gang stalking methods. Here’s one of the messages we got…

“I am a high ranking gang member in which served about ten years of my life in prison. I have a degree and am currently in college.

I am extremely knowledgeable in these matters of electronic torture and have been struggling with it for over 2 years now.

I am a targeted individual due to my political involvement in hopes to address the issue and possibly reach out to other individuals to find a solution to this matter.”

Matthew and gang members

Matthew and gang members

His name is Matthew, and he says he is a victim of electronic torture, EMF weapons, and V2K technology, or Voice to Skull, where the gang stalkers use directed energy weapons to put thoughts into your head. Matthew tells us his personal experiences with this electronic torture and how it has manifested in his own life.

“They want to destroy your reputation, make you financially incapable, they want to isolate you… the goal is to get you incarcerated or get you to commit suicide.”

The gang stalkers use microwave radiation weapons to slowly cook your organs inside your own body.

How to stop gang stalking / electronic harassment

Matthew’s advice for other Targeted Individuals is to check out Freedom from Covert Harassment & Surveillance: a resource for targeted individuals to get help.

“It’s a 24/7 battle with your mind.”

Matthew says they can cook your body so you have heart attack, make you stay in pain all the time, make you use the bathroom… they can even push a button to make you fart. Whenever Matthew is in the shower, he constantly has this trashtalking in his head.

Matthew said they were even attacking him with V2K technology during our interview! What were they saying to him?…

“You are a dead motherfucker.”

Gang Stalking Victim

Matthew tells us about how he was wrongly incarcerated and when he came out of prison that’s when he started hearing the voice to skull harassment.

 You’re talking Secret Service, FBI – the FBI built this.”

Matthew is a tattoo artist, and he also does airbrushing and custom design work. You can check out his site at

Almighty Spit vs. Seth Dognaux: Indianapolis rap beef

Seth Dognaux

Seth Dognaux aka Doanyo

Local Indianapolis rapper Almighty Spit recently found himself knee-deep in a beef with another local musician named Seth Dognaux aka Doanyo. We talk to Seth to get his perspective on the altercation.

You can see more about the beef on this Facebook post: 

Almighty Spit

Almighty Spit

And then we call up Almighty Spit himself and try to get Spit and Seth to hug it out live on the air. Seth also wanted Almighty Spit to play at a concert he’s putting together called Sethstock, where he’s having a bunch of bands play in a back yard. But Spit was not receptive to this invitation.

What will happen? Will Almighty Spit play at Sethstock? Listen to the episode to find out!

40 Oz Pimp

40 Oz Pimp talks about why he he drinks, and something about high definition. He also proves that he is eating by showing us his belly. Here’s a screenshot, and a picture of Frank Martin, the guy whose microphone Seth didn’t break:

40 oz Pimp Eating during Chris Brake Show Before Lotuscast

Much love to 40 Oz. Pimp for being a friend of the show. Check out the Cast of Characters page soon to see a picture of 40 as he becomes inducted into the CoC!

40 Oz Ghost


7 thoughts on “Indianapolis Gang Member and Targeted Individual Matthew; + Almighty Spit vs Seth Dognaux; 40 Oz Pimp | CB072

  1. Three Reasons That Almighty Spit And Seth Dognaux Should Get Along:

    1. They share that common music thread.

    2. It’s human nature.

    3. The Hatfields and McCoys settled their difference.
    So much the better-
    Now that they run an alcohol
    distillery together. (Drink of the Devil)


  2. Matthew, if this happening to you and you care about your family, GET OUT OF THE GANG!!! if this is true, its obviously because you are still involved in gang activity, so naturally some type of government/cops/police/dea/fbi is going to be monitoring you especially after getting out of jail.. Gangs usually involve killing,torturing and raping people,.. doing whatever it takes really to do what it is they want….


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