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I am back!!

*does an awkward dance*

To those of you who care, I am sorry for the extreme delay of this post. I’ve been working on a lot lately, what with the New Year and the annual making of resolutions and my upcoming vacation in the Philippines.

Well, technically not a vacation as I am going to be a bridesmaid to my best friend’s wedding. I always thought that the only wedding I’d be invited to is mine and let’s face it, even I dread to be in it.

The dress, the heels, the need to smile and mingle *shuddders* and most of all the picture taking.

Not everyone takes a good picture least of all me. And even if you got the whole Instagram game down you still dread taking a picture. Can I hear a woop woop from the low self esteemed people?

Spitfire Sarah touches on the subject and dangers of picture taking in one of my favorite Chris Brake episodes: The Return of Spitfire Sarah. 

Non-slutty Supergirl Cosplay Costume

Non-slutty Supergirl Cosplay Costume

As most of you know, the lovely Sarah is the rose among the thorns of the Chris Brake Show – I’m just using the expression Chris and John, I did not invent it.

Sarah reveals in this podcast that she’s a certified massage therapist. Chris riles her up by comparing her with a masseuse and even going as far as asking her what is the difference between a masseuse and a massage therapist.

I took the liberty of conducting my own “research” and according to Google, masseuse mostly refers to women and a massage therapist can be of both gender.

There is this controversy behind the term masseuse as it may refer to women who pleasure men (and sometimes women) with a massage.

And as a person who has worked her way to becoming a certified massage therapist, to be called a masseuse is almost an insult.

The great thing about this part of the episode is not Sarah educating the guys on what massage therapists are but how the guys are trying to wrap their head around the idea of getting a massage without getting an erection.

Chris asked Sarah…

What do you do when you’re massaging a guy and he gets an erection? 

Sarah explains that it’s not as common of an occurrence as he thinks and Chris says, Well it happens all the time with me!

And that’s not even the best part.

The best part about the whole massage discussion is when Sarah suggests just flipping the erected guy over and John reacting with an aggressive WOAH! like “flipping over” is the most offensive thing that you could do with an erection!

But masseuse or massage therapist or what other politically correct term she prefers, I love Sarah! And I have this firm erected belief that she and I would be great friends.

Dig this, she likes Anime! She even cosplays!

And if that’s not enough to make me hyper ventilate, she even says she likes me and that I am nice.

You hear the dudes give me and another amazing WordPress blogger and also a radio show host, David Beecroft, a shoutout. I am a very excitable person as it is so when I hear people acknowledge my existence in a podcast – which is about as common of an occurrence as an erected guy being flipped over – I just…melt.

The other great thing about Sarah besides adding a female element in the show is that she’s not at all afraid to take down the guys. With a conversation with Matt from Lotuscast where he brazenly suggested that Sarah is just jealous of other female cosplayers who have no shame of dressing “slutty”.

Sarah retorts back with a, If you want me to dress up all slutty I can and there is nothing for me to be envious about! Sir!

Slutty Supergirl Cosplay Costume

Slutty Supergirl Cosplay Costume

I have never cosplayed in my life, but I am a fan of it. There are these people who attend conventions and gets away with wearing just the most generic costume while another slaved away with a well thought out well constructed costume and not get the attention it deserves.

It’s like if you want to pull off that tank top and booty shorts and try to pass it off as a costume, why not just wait for Halloween.

Or better yet, summer in the beach. And I say this in the most endearing way.

Taking a halt from this love letter to Sarah that I’m writing, the guys also had Dan Hoger the word smith/word slinger, where he talked about the dangers of E-cigarette or Vaping.

Apparently these bad boys that were meant to be a “healthier” alternative to a cigarette causes a condition called the Pop Corn Lung or what we call Bronchiolitis obliterans in the medical word.

It’s usually caused by inhaling certain toxic substances such as diacetyl which is a volatile substance with a buttery flavor that is used in most products like popcorn and flavored E-cigarettes. Hence the name Pop Corn Lung. Oh I’m sorry! Did I just bore you with that medical lecture?

The show is capped with a Dale J. Gordon song and a mini interview with Dale J. Gordon himself, which Chris Brakers would know is a recurrent guest in the podcast. Man, the Chris Brake guys have awesome friends. And if you want to get in to the party maybe this is the episode that you should start with.

Speaking of getting in to the party, follow the Chris Brake Show’s Facebook page and let Sarah know she’s awesome! And while you’re at it, why don’t you suggest an episode that you want me to write about. Or if you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, how about letting me know how to survive it? Alcohol? Faking a coma? I’m all ears!

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It was a pretty tame Chris Brake in this episode you guys.