Tony Clifton #19 | Chris Brake Daily Doodle

Tony Clifton #19 | Chris Brake Daily Doodle

Tony Clifton #19 | Chris Brake Daily Doodle


2 thoughts on “Tony Clifton #19 | Chris Brake Daily Doodle

  1. Three Ways To Tell That Someone Is Not Telling The Truth:

    1. Body posture.

    2. Hands shaking.

    3. The look in their eyes.
    Obviously well done-
    This Chris Brake Show Daily Doodle, of Tony Clifton.


  2. So while a lineman’s should be heavily padded on the top and the wrist, a line backer would benefit from
    a glove that is heavily padded but at the same time is flexible and soft.

    You’re encouraged to comment at the bottom of the article.
    ‘That’s not a salute to the military nor is that a
    praise to God,’ Pereira said.


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