Shave Sarah’s Head Challenge; 40 Oz. Pimp, Ramzy Sweis | CB070

Shave Sarah’s Head Challenge, 40 Oz. Pimp goes to South Carolina, and comedian Ramzy Sweis repeats a joke?

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Going All The Way With Ramzy Sweis | CB070

Shave Sarah’s Head Challenge

Sign the Petition to Shave Sarah's Head!

Spitfire Sarah has issued a challenge: if we can get 5,000 signatures, she will let Chris Brake shave her head! The hair will be donated to charity. Click here to sign the petition and get Sarah’s head shaved!

We also talk about one simple little thing you can shave off of your face that will make you look REALLY weird. Try it and see what happens!

Sarah also fills us in on her new beau, Text Message John, and we get to see a picture of him for the first time!

Ramzy Sweis 2.0

Ramzy Sweis comes back on the show to talk about an article he wrote about the Chris Brake Show in the Arab Daily News.

After reading the article, we thought that Ramzy must totally hate us. Listen to the episode for the full story, because it’s a good one!

Ramzy also tells us more details about the birthday party where a lady jumped on stage and popped him in the face because of a Barack Obama joke he told.

Pringles on a Plane

40 Oz Pimp just came back from South Carolina. He flew there on an airplane to shoot a music video (among other things). 40 tells us about his experience getting on the plane, sitting next to a high class lawyer, dealing with flight attendants, and whyย the alcohol they serve on airplanes sucks.

40 also informs us that they don’t serve peanuts anymore (at least not on his flight!), because some people are allergic to them? So now they are serving Pringles instead of peanuts.

The dude from shot 40 Oz Pimp’s new music video, which features some extra-slow-motion effects for that added element of weird. Below we present to you… the new 40 Oz Pimp music video for the song “Ghost Trapped Inside”…

We also talk about stealing diet pills, depression, anxiety, and avoiding people because you don’t want to deal with them.


7 thoughts on “Shave Sarah’s Head Challenge; 40 Oz. Pimp, Ramzy Sweis | CB070

      • I am not affiliated with Tinfish in any shape manner or form (besides being a new follower of his Youtube channel.)
        On my website @blogdogit I claim to be “A Cyber-Explorer of the Web Less Traveled” so when I found myself watching that Ramsy abuse video I was more interested in who would be filming with an upside-down camera for 30 seconds before noticing… Enter Tinfish ๐Ÿ˜‰

        That video I linked to above is about 13 minutes, but there are several moments in his “routine” where you can see a spark of comic genius. His Youtube hits are about as low as they go so I figured I’d help a brother out and help spread the word. I was floored when I heard he was calling in to your show – and to tell you the truth… that was some classic Tinfish lol. “That being said…”


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