It’s Pee Time | CB066

It’s Pee Time

Spitfire Sarah has done some wild stuff. This episode is filled with a bunch of great stories about peeing in things, pulling pranks on friends, and something called the Peester Egg Challenge! [Plus: extra special BONUS content: Lotuscast Inception!]

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It's Pee Time | CB066


Spitfire Sarah peeing in Easter eggs

Sarah tells us about something she used to do as a child. Instead of walking all the way to the bathroom, she would just take plastic Easter eggs and pee in them instead. And then she’d take these little plastic eggs filled with urine and pour them into her parents’ de-humidifier.

The Peester Egg Challenge

Here’s how this one works. Chris, Spitfire Sarah, and I will race against the clock to fill up little plastic eggs with our own urine. When an egg is filled, each contestant must then carefully pour it into a little measuring beaker (al a Nickelodeon’s Double Dare). Whoever gets the most urine in their eggs, and then into the beaker, wins! There will be some kind of penalty for spilling urine, and there’s talks of the loser having to drink the urine, although I think nobody really agreed to that except me.

The Peester Egg Challenge is set to take place in March 2015, or whenever people generally celebrate Easter.

The milkshake story

At the top of the show, Sarah is really upset that she can’t seem to get a proper chocolate milk shake from Steak & Shake. Tired of hearing her complain about this milkshake experience, a very special somebody brings Spitfire Sarah a brand new milkshake during the show! Who will it be?

Text Message John

Sarah’s new beau Text Message John texts in his commentary during the show, which is pretty cool. Hi John! Thanks for tuning in, bro.

Sarah tells us her Waka-Flocka-Mole story (that’s a play on the word “guacamole” if you couldn’t tell) about trying to make guacamole and getting a bunch of chili powder all up in her eyeballs, then flushing it out with olive oil, right before her new beau Text Message John shows up at her house. Did TMJ think anything was strange? Did he get chili powder all over himself? No one knows for sure.

Spitfire Sarah’s dating habits

Sarah shares her opinions on some age-old dating questions, like: How long before Text Message John gets a sampling of Sarah’s leg stubble? How long before Spitfire Sarah feels comfortable pooping around Text Message John?

Pooping habits of women

Chris talks about women who make outlandish attempts to hide their pooing from their significant other, and Sarah weighs in with her own pooping habits.

Pulling pranks on friends

Sarah & John talk about a prank they tried to pull on Chris that totally backfired and went awry.

The Upper Deck Prank

Here’s a prank you can do that’ll really boil some blood. Take a poo in the back of someone’s toilet. You know those little blue things you put in your toilet that turn the water blue and clean the toilet every time you flush? It’s kind of the reverse of that.

Every time your friend goes to flush the toilet, this nasty poo water fills the toilet bowl. Totally gross.

Peeing in closets

I’m not even sure how this one came up, but yes, we do talk about peeing in closets in this episode.

Microchip brain rape

Someone contacted us after we did our Gang Stalking episode and said they were being held against their will and that doctors had put a microchip in their brain, and that every day they mentally rape them via this microchip.The good news is that I believe this person has, at the time of writing this, been able to relocate. But this person still says that they have the microchip in their brain.

If you know of any way to help this person get the microchip out of their brain, please do let us know.


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