Dora Talks the Impromptu NYE Show with Whiskeytown Plant Expert

2015 is almost upon us. Can you guys believe it?! 2015 still sounds like a made up year that only exists in a Ridley Scott film. It makes you want to stop and assess your life or move in a frantic panicked state, like a bunch of kids caught smoking weed in the garage. Since the New Year is almost here, and since it’s my favorite holiday ever, I decided to go back in time, or at least to this year’s impromptu New Year’s Eve episode hosted by Chris and a Monsieur Softee (Chris trying to figure out the correct pronunciation of Monsieur should be enough to convince you to listen to this episode).

Dora Talks The Chris Brake Show

Chris opens the show with an appropriate quote, “The older I get the less I care or have fun.” I feel the same way, Chris! Birthdays seem to less thrill me and it’s not because I hate getting old. I love the fact that I am ageing and I celebrate the fact that I am no longer a teenager stuck in High School. I guess we worry about getting older because we have no control over time. We react differently to getting older because some of us need more time and some of us don’t really care for it.

I’m not in a place to say who has their life together and who doesn’t, but sometimes you feel you’re doing less than some other people and I think Chris was feeling that way at the beginning of 2014 because he said, “We’re the only two jerkoffs in a computer who call people up in a New Years day.” 

Uhmm, being called up by Chris Brake on New Year’s sounds like a better way of celebrating the New Year rather than watching old episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S like this dum dum did.

Chris and Mr. Softee call up an inebriated Dr. Pong Fong-e to wish him a Happy New Year’s but ended up having a meaningful discussion about the environment with a guy who works as a plant surveyor in the Whiskeytown National Park.

Questions: One, how do you become a plant surveyor/expert? And how many plants do you have to know before you’re called a plant expert? Do they wear khaki shorts and hats with nets on them? Also, you guys are kidding me with that park name right? Whiskeytown?! That sounds like a villainous town in a Disney movie.

Monsanto Whiskeytown Plant Expert

So this plant expert dude (never did catch his name) said that there has been several cases of illegal Marijuana growing within the park. But I guess they we’re asking for it when they named their Whiskeytown! Am I right?!

The discussion turned out to be a lot more interesting and informative than what the 2 hosts expected and it’s definitely worth the listen. Do I want to start my New Year’s listening to bumming facts about the environment? Maybe not. But the exchange between the 2 hosts for the entire episode is really just a piece of podcast poetry.

Mr. Softee: “This is where your weed is coming from people! I hope you’re happy!

Chris Brake: “At least it’s grown in America.”

So. Good.

There were a lot of seriousness in this episode too. Like how this one big corporation is ruining the environment by injecting squid genes into plants which causes unnatural changes in plant genetics. I know that this is a real thing and it’s as serious as a heart attack, but I can’t help but picture a plant with tentacles. Squid’s got tentacles right?

Fun fact from this episode, Chris Brake used to be a vegan.

He talked about how he stumbled upon this Mexican Vegan restaurant in San Francisco where he tasted the best salsa of his life, which just made me feel like I should start looking for a Mexican Vegan restaurant in my area.*

Veganism has always fascinated me and I’ve always wanted to try it. In fact, I was pescetarian (barely) once just to see if I can maybe do it, but it’s hard when organic food is not readily available within your area. And Chris talks about this and says that living in Indianapolis, Mexican Vegan restaurants are non-existent. And that’s the only reason why I haven’t actually tried this vegan thing. I live in a desert! Organic fruits and vegetables is the equivalent of a Mexican Vegan restaurant in Indianapolis.

The guys ended the episode with a promise**of coming back from a break within the episode but it never happened. Way to start the year Chris Brake.

Curse Word Count: 17

Burp Meter: 7 (although, one was so loud and so long that it should count for at least 5)

*None 😦

**In Chris’ defense, it was a vague hollow promise.


I only included a curse word count because that was my device in making sure I listen to the entire episode. And the burp meter was just me enjoying the fact that Chris burps on air. You can always remove it if you choose to.

“We’re the only two jerkoffs in a computer who call people up in a New Years day.”

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