Kel Mitchell Interview | CB064

Kel Mitchell Interview


We did a really great live Kel Mitchell interview on Radio Fubar! Kel talks about his movie She is Not My Sister, an anti-bullying movie that teaches kids how to deal with bullying in school, speaking at schools, the new Snick 2 show, being a guest on TRU TV’s Friends of the People, auditioning for Saturday Night Live, and more.

Kel Mitchell Interview

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Dale J. Gordon, Times EyesKel Mitchell Interview

For more information about Kel Mitchell, check out and follow @iamkelmitchell on Twitter to see what he’s up to.

After the Kel Mitchell interview, we also talk to Nashville recording artist Dale J. Gordon and Chicago hip-hop artist Times Eyes.

And we got a new mixer! So hopefully the sound quality of the show will be greatly improved from now on. We also use it to pull a funny joke on Spitfire Sarah, but Dale ruins it.

How to stop someone from snoring?

Times Eyes talks about sleeping on the train in Chicago, and the time his neighbors called the police on him because he was snoring too loud.  Chris suggests slapping someone to stop them from snoring. John suggests making a loud noise.  Dale shares a funny story about a video that’s floating around of Dale making a horrific snoring sound.


Is it okay to call somebody “Biggun”? We talk about why calling someone a nickname related to their weight is basically the same idea as calling someone a racist nickname. Dale shares a story about experiencing weightism while growing up in West Virginia.

Dale J. Gordon new album teaser

Check out this exclusive preview of Dale J. Gordon’s new album, FOLK. ART. LAW., set to be released in 2015.

We’re All Dudes

In our Kel Mitchell interview, Kel told us that he actually flew down to Florida and met up with Less Than Jake in the studio to do the song “We’re All Dudes” for the Good Burger soundtrack. Kel Mitchell actually wrote all the lyrics to that song, and it’s a really great song.


Spitfire Sarah was telling a story in the Chris Brake Show Group on Facebook about trying to catch a stray cat and take it into her house.

Dale tells a story about  a virus that makes humans sympathetic to cats, and it makes people want to take a bunch of stray cats into their home. Not sure if it’s true or not, but I’m sure you can look into it on the website Google.

What should we call the group?

Any ideas on what we should call the new Chris Brake Show Group on Facebook, and the group members? Such as, Chris Brake Show Mighty Mutants, or something like that.

Times Eyes

Check out these tunes from Times Eyes.

Kel Mitchell on TRU TV’s Friends of the People

In the Kel Mitchell interview, Kel talks about a new episode of TRU TV’s Friends of the People that he was in. Check out the episode on IMDB: Kel Mitchell on Friends of the People. Here’s a picture of one of the sketches, “Global Summit for Good (Burgers)”.

Kel Mitchell Interview

Kel Mitchell Interview | Global Summit for Good (Burgers) | TRU TV’s “Friends of the People” sketch comedy show


Kel Mitchell Interview


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