Engagement Ring Etiquette | Who Keeps the Ring After the Breakup? CB063

What do you do with an engagement ring after you breakup and call off the wedding? 

Spitfire Sarah breaks off her engagement with her fiancé and now she’s left wondering: What’s the proper engagement ring etiquette for who keeps the ring after the breakup? Should females be expected to give back the engagement ring to the male after the wedding is cancelled? Or should the dude let the woman keep the ring, because he’s that nice of a guy?

Engagement Ring Etiquette | Listen Now Below!

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Engagement Ring Etiquette | Engagement Ring Etiquette After a Breakup

Engagement ring etiquette after the breakup is a pretty deep rabbit hole when you think about it. Is it okay to go pawn the ring for some cold hard cash? Or what about just hanging on to the ring?

What do you think Sarah should do with her ring?

Ron Goldie from ScotPub radio

Last week we played a joke from Ron Goldie, a Scottish radio DJ from ScotPub radio. We didn’t completely understand the joke, so this week we’re playing another Ron Goldie clip where he explains what the “Woven in Scotland” joke means, and we still don’t really understand it. Ron also tells us a NEW Scottish joke, and we find it even more confusing than the “Woven in Scotland” joke! Check out Ron Goldie’s show LIVE on ScotPub.com (click for times).

Ron also kind of welcomes the Chris Brake Show to the ScotPub Radio family. You can catch the Chris Brake Show on ScotPub Radio Saturday nights at 8:00 pm Scotland time (GMT+1) / 3:00 pm Eastern time. We are on right before Ron Goldie, so tune in at 3 pm Eastern / 8 pm Scotland time to catch the Chris Brake show on ScotPub.com, and then stay tuned for Ron Goldie’s show right after us at 9 pm Scotland / 4 pm Eastern time.

So big shout out to Ron Goldie, we love that guy! And Linda Paine, ScotPub Radio Producer / Promoter & self-proclaimed Fastest Googler in the west.

Further engagement ring etiquette

So what about this: does wearing a wedding ring help attract a mate, as backwards as that sounds? We’re talking about wearing your wedding ring out in public AFTER calling off the wedding, George Costanza style. Are girls more attracted to a guy who is wearing a ring? Nashville recording artist Dale J. Gordon gives some of his personal experiences on the topic.

Paul Colligan introduces Weezer Optimization

Paul Colligan from The Podcast Report with Paul Colligan recently did an episode of his show about the Stitcher/Deezer acquisition. The jist of it is this: a company called Deezer bought the famous podcasting platform Stitcher. So Paul is talking about how awesome that is, and it is pretty awesome.

Here’s the thing: after a while into the episode, Paul starts calling it “Weezer” instead of “Deezer”. And we thought that was really funny. On the show we play an assortment of Paul Colligan saying “Weezer” and “Weezer Optimization” instead of “Deezer” and “Deezer Optimization.”

No offense to Paul Colligan, we love you Paul! I listen to your show every time you do a new one. But hey, this is what we do here. We’re a comedy show, and this is pretty funny.  All in good fun. And feel free to make clips of us screwing things up (there’s plenty to choose from, believe me!).

Even more additional engagement ring etiquette

We also talk with 40 Oz. Pimp and his friend Jon Luther about engagement ring etiquette. 40 says he’s had a lot of people steal his jewelry over the years, and has also lost some of his rings in places like the oven. 40 has also given a couple rings out to the ladies over the years, so he’s got a comment or two about his feelings on engagement ring etiquette and who keeps the ring after the breakup.

40 and Jon Luther also help us with another question…

What does the word ‘jawn’ mean?

Jawn is a word you’ll no doubt hear if you hang around with East Coasters, specifically folks from Pennsylvania it seems. What does ‘jawn’ mean? Apparently it means just about anything. You’ve really got to hear jawn used in a sentence to get a handle on what it means. Listen to the episode to hear 40 Oz. and Jon Luther show us the proper way to use the word jawn.

Of Mice and Men

Our own Dale J. Gordon, the Monster-Bum-investigating, Nashville-Tennessee-living-in son of a snake himself, brings some classic literary action straight to your dome with the masterful Dale J. Gordon  reading of John Steinbeck’s classic bunch of words, Of Mice and Men. Dale only reads for about a minute, then stops. If you want him to keep going, let us know! I quite enjoyed it, personally.

Additional engagement ring etiquette resources

Check out this link for more information about engagement ring etiquette and who keeps the ring after the breakup:



8 thoughts on “Engagement Ring Etiquette | Who Keeps the Ring After the Breakup? CB063

  1. If the ring is not expensive, let her keep it.
    If the ring was super expensive and the guy will go broke paying it off then it goes back to the guy.
    If the break up is ok, let her keep it.
    If it is a super bad break up and the girl cheats on the guy, the rings goes back to the guy.
    If it is a super bad break up and the guy cheats on the girl, the girl get the ring.
    If it is a family heirloom that belongs to the guys mum, then it goes back to the guy.
    If you get engaged to Gollum, he gets the ring back. Whether you like it or not.

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