Peacock Paragraph | Chris Brake’s Daily Doodle

Peacock Paragraph | Chris Brake's Daily Doodle

It Just Is.


Is this where I want to be?


Peacock Paragraph | Chris Brake’s Daily Doodle



3 thoughts on “Peacock Paragraph | Chris Brake’s Daily Doodle

  1. If you’re looking for interaction on your thought, it would depend on the context of “it”. What just is? If life just is then that’s definitely an answer you would have to come up with for yourself. “Is this where you want to be?” In my case it would mean I wouldn’t write. I wouldn’t have an opinion. I wouldn’t strive to examine and explore new ideas as to how life could be.

    Accepting the status quo and not living for true freedom. In my opinion, freedom is defiance. Defiance is an action which doesn’t accept things as they are but stirs life into the dance of living. Questioning, exploring, expressing life through my eyes. Complacency is something that some find attractive. Blindly following the mob of insanity who guides through propaganda and lies to keep their followers in line.

    If “it” is about a breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend and you’re just accepting the fact, you may not have a choice, so your questioning of this would be null.


  2. Three That One Might Want To Question?

    1. Life?

    2. Politics?

    3. Where you are now?
    Knowing that you don’t have to stay that way-
    For tomorrow is always a brand new day.


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