Bone Flags USA Skull | Chris Brake’s Daily Doodle

Bone Flags USA Skull | Chris Brake's Daily Doodle

Bone Flags USA Skull | Chris Brake’s Daily Doodle


11 thoughts on “Bone Flags USA Skull | Chris Brake’s Daily Doodle

      • Wow, “Vouchsafed”! I have never heard that word before, ever in life. At first, “vouchsafed” looks like an incomprehensible non-word. I thought it was the name of a company or something. Google said the definition is…


        1) give or grant in a gracious or condescending manner.

        Example: “It is a blessing vouchsafed him by heaven”

        2) reveal or disclose (information).

        Example:”You’d never vouchsafed that interesting tidbit before”

        Still wrapping my head on exactly how to use vouchsafed in a sentence… I don’t understand the use of the first one, but the second one I understand. It’s still such a clumsy word! Wow, what a weird word. Thanks for turning us on to the word “vouchsafed.”

        Well, maybe Chris has heard that word before. But I certainly haven’t. Let’s see if I hear/see the word “vouchsafed” again in 24 hours, or whatever it was the guy said in the movie “John Dies at the End”. Good movie, that one.



  1. Thanks for the encouragement to keep my wordsmith ways. Another word….egregious or Concubine, gregarious? Easy words I think. Clandestine, solopyism, that’s a word for you. Hope you enjoy your birthday. As for awkward words, I read literature that predates social media’s carnage on the English language. Words like that f-ing music (like Billie Holiday/old, smooth and lustery) to my ears. Ttyl.


  2. What did chris think about outsider art. It just means he’s blessed w a natural talent few people have. It did come from art in 1800s in asylums when a doctor noticed art done by patients telling, genre-bending, and profitable. Is chris’ association to that distasteful? I swear it was a compliment.


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