Humble Mozilla Bundle: Play Video Games in Your Browser | John Rapp’s Tech Talk

Humble Mozilla Bundle: Play Video Games in Your Browser | John Rapp’s Tech Talk

The Humble Mozilla Bundle (powered by asm.js) is this new technology developed by Mozilla that lets you play console video games in your browser. You don’t need to install anything, you don’t need to download anything. You just play full version video games inside your browser.

I realized this a few minutes before our show was going live! I opened Firefox and all of a sudden I’m instantly moving this little guy around with the A S D F keys on the keyboard. Shoot a little laser thing with J K I L keys. And of course the Space Bar makes the little guy jump. Woo! It was so distracting that we ended up going live at 8:02 instead of 8:00. These things happen.

Humble Mozilla Bundle | Mozilla Firefox Start PageAfter we finished the show and were off the air I went back to seriously check this thing out. Upon further inspection, they want you to buy this Humble Mozilla Bundle, but it’s all offered on a “Pay What You Want” platform.. What the snake is the Humble Mozilla Bundle? It’s a bunch of “big name” indie games you can play inside your browser. Pay as little as you want and you get access to full versions of five independent video games. If you pay more than $1 you get to access the games via Steam. Or if you pay above the average price that users are currently paying you get some more games, too. Or if you pay $8 you get to unlock Democracy 3.

You can try a few of the games on the Humble Bundle website.

Humble Mozilla BundleWhat’s the deal with all of this?

Mozilla, the people who made the Firefox web browser, is actually a non-profit group. And they’ve come up with a new new gaming technology called asm.js, which allows you to play console video games directly inside your browser. I guess this is their clever way of raising money to support the scene. As an added incentive, this Humble Mozilla Bundle stuff will all be available until October 28th. Then I’m guessing that they will destroy every copy of every one of these games forever, and no more will ever be spoken about the matter ever again. So get in while the gettin’s good.

So how is Mozilla’s fundraiser going?

Humble Mozilla Bundle StatsThey’ve generated over $300,000 in contributions as of midnight on October 19th. Apparently most of the people shelling out cash are Windows users, and a dude named Pascal Cuoq totally ponied up $250 to support the scene. Make sure to follow @tpjeff and @soapdog on Twitter if you’re looking for someone to help you fund your next tech project.

That’s great but… how are the games?

I don’t know, I wish I could tell you. It keeps crashing my browser or glitching out whenever I try to play one of the games. I have an old computer though: 3Ghhz Pentium 4 with 1 Gig of RAM. So I’m sure everyone out there with a fancy pants new computer has no trouble playing the games. I did get to play Voxatron and it was pretty cool. It’s pretty much the same type of gameplay that was involved in the sample browser game that popped up on Mozilla’s start page.

Have you played the Humble Mozilla Bundle games?

Are they any good?

Leave a comment below.


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