Biting Midnight’s Lips | Chris Brake’s Daily Doodle

Biting Midnight's Lips | Chris Brake's Daily Doodle

Biting Midnight’s Lips | Chris Brake’s Daily Doodle

[CHRIS BRAKE’S NOTE: John Rapp and I decided to start uploading a random page/picture from one of my many random sketchbooks each day. John asked me if the blog post should be just a picture or include text as well. I told him “you can write whatever you want about the picture if you know something about it or it’s okay to just leave it blank.”

I sent John a random picture and gave it a random title for filing’s sake. These are just doodles in a book, not masterpieces worthy of names. I thoughtlessly saved the first file as “Biting-Midnight’s-Lips” just so it would have a name more defining than “Picture001.”

What I received back from John was a very lengthy blog post trying to explain the picture in more than 300 words. At least, I believe those were his intentions.

Here is John Rapp’s description of “Biting Midnight’s Lips.”]

There was this guy named Midnight. Not his given name, of course. It was a nickname. I remember one time Chris tried to tell Midnight about a speech we had seen Rubin Carter, the boxer that the Denzel Washington movie The Hurricane was about, and the guy that Bob Dylan wrote a song about. Rubin Carter was arrested and charged murdering some people in a diner one night.

Rubin Carter spent a long time in jail, but eventually proved that he was innocent of the crimes. Then they let Rubin Carter out of jail, and at some point afterward he was doing a speaking engagement at an Indiana college. Rubin opened up saying that there really are no different races on planet Earth, because we are all pat of the human race. But there are things known as ‘tribes.’

Anyway, Chris tried to tell Midnight about this. How we had gotten to see this guy Rubin Carter live and in person, and he was telling stories and sharing wisdom and cool stuff like that. Chris told Midnight the line about, “we’re all the same race: the human race.” Midnight cut him off and said, “Man, you don’t have to go to college to hear something like that. I could have told you that!”

That’s pretty much the only thing I remember about Midnight. One time we were with some of the other people Midnight hung out with. Local neighborhood folks. We went into a grocery store and when we were checking out, this dude we were with stuffed a giant bottle of gin or something into his pants, and then just walked through the checkout lane as we paid for the stuff we were buying.

I was blown away by the boldness of this kid. The ironic thing is, a large reason for him stealing the alcohol was because he was underage and couldn’t buy it. So instead he just stuffed it down his pants.

I’m going to have to ask Chris to verify this story, because I’m a little hazy on exactly where he hid the bottle of alcohol. I want to say he put it down the leg of his pants, like the kid does in the movie Kids. Crazy kids.


[CHRIS BRAKE’S NOTE: John failed to describe how perfectly this gentleman stole a fifth of Tanqueray. He did not simply shove it down his pants and hope that no one saw it. No! This gentleman used more skill and wit than I have ever witnessed before in shoplifting.

And he did not steal it because he was under 21. Quite the opposite is true. This gentleman was buying John and I a thirty pack of Red Dog because WE were under 21. But let’s get back to his skill and wit concerning the bottle.
If he were to get caught stealing a bottle of Tanqueray, he would have most likely gone to jail. So… He removed the “steal” from the equation. His plan was to act like he forgot to pay for the bottle. If stopped, he would simply say “oh, my bad” while playing dumb to any accusations of theft.
The gentleman walked up to the register with a 30-pack of Red Dog in his right hand and a bottle of Tanqueray in his left hand. He placed the beer on the counter and kept the gin out of sight, blocked by the counter. I then watched him complete the entire transaction with his right hand.
Pull out his wallet, take the money out, collect his change, put it in his wallet, grab the receipt, and walk out of the store and into my car. All with the bottle of Tanqueray in his left hand. Pure skill and wit. He simply “forgot to pay for it.”]
Chris said “upload it bro. We’ll just explain it on the show.”

Listen to the show this Thursday for the whole story.

And I still can”t believe I wrote all that stuff out about Midnight, and then proceeded to write a story about Midnight’s friend – the entire story being told incorrectly, I might add – and all the stuff about Rubin Carter talking about races and tribes and all of that… and in the end the drawing didn’t even have anything to do with that guy named Midnight.


ǝlpoop ʎlᴉɐp s,ǝʞɐɹq sᴉɹɥƆ | sdᴉ˥ s,ʇɥƃᴉupᴉW ƃuᴉʇᴉq


Biting Midnight's Lips | Chris Brake's Daily Doodle

3 thoughts on “Biting Midnight’s Lips | Chris Brake’s Daily Doodle

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this was Midnight. We had stocked Mike F’s apartment with furniture that someone was throwing away while he was in Michigan so that he would come home and think he walked into the wrong apartment. There was a machete in Mike’s apartment which I plunged into one of the chairs that we brought up with just the handle sticking out. Midnight came over and we told him about the prank. He was sitting in the chair and holding the handle of the machete without realizing what it has. He pulled up on it and the blade came out. He immediately threw the thing on the ground and started freaking, screaming that his prints were going to be all over it! He thought the machete had come with the chair and been hidden there by the people throwing it out.

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