Dale J. Gordon’s Monster Bum Series Volume 1

Monster Bum Series Volume 1Dale J. Gordon's Monster Bum Series Volume 1

Dale J. Gordon picks up and moves from Trenton, NJ to Nashville, TN to settle down and kick out the jams with the local music scene. But he doesn’t have anywhere to stay when he gets there, so he decides to just sleep under some bridges for a while. One particular night, Dale seemingly finds a suitable location to settle into, but soon finds out there’s another shadowy man sleeping under the same bridge. The shadowy homeless man takes a strange interest in Dale, and wants to share a “banana coffee” with him.

What happens when Dale tries to step into another homeless man’s domain? Will Dale make it out alive? What exactly is a banana coffee? Listen to Dale J. Gordon’s Monster Bum Series Volume 1 to find out!

Nashville recording artist Dale J. Gordon was recently homeless for a few months. He slept under the bridges of Nashville, took showers in some really excellent outdoor fountains and was actually working two jobs at one point during the Monster Bum series.

Dale called in to the Chris Brake Show from time to time to tell us about his experiences while being homeless. That’s what the Monster Bum Series is: the chronicles of Dale J. Gordon’s homeless excursion in the streets of Nashville, Tennessee.

There’s four parts in the Monster Bum series, make sure you catch them all! We will post the other three Monster Bum stories on our blog in the near future.

Dale J. Gordon Links

Listen to the full episode that the Monster Bum Series Volume 1 came from here:

Hear more from Dale on the Chris Brake Show:

Dale J. Gordon on Facebook

Dale J. Gordon on ReverbNation

Dale J. Gordon on Soundcloud

Dale J. Gordon on Google

Dale J  Gordon’s Monster Bum Series Volume 1


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