Chris has a truckload of old sketchbooks that he used to carry around with him everywhere he would go. Drawings, ideas, conversations, cartoons. All sorts of weird, cool, funny stuff in these things. Lots of great real life experiences documented in a sketchbook. I’ve flipped through them enough to know that we’re getting into deep territories, man.

This is a new segment of our blog dedicated to exposing the contents of these old Chris Brake sketchbooks. Should be a lot of fun! What bizarre sights will we find in the deepest corners of the mind? @MEinRhyme, help me out with another rhyme here!

– John




5 thoughts on “Sketchbook

  1. Three Things To Never Throw Away:

    1. Photos.

    2. Needed receipts.

    3. Stuff drawn that you think is no good.
    For years later-
    You may be able to cash
    in on it, and quit your job
    as a waiter.


  2. Three That We Are Waiting On:
    1. Candy corn.
    2. Another weekend.
    3. Sketches.
    Anticipation to grow-
    The sketches, from the NEW blog,
    compliments of The Chris Brake Show.


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