40 Oz. Pimp, Jer-Dog, Nathan Allen the Maniac of Magic | CB057

40 Oz. Pimp, Jer-Dog, Nathan Allen the Maniac of Magic

Chris Brake Show #57

This show features musician and poet 40 Oz. Pimp, comedian Jeremy “Jer-Dog” Danley, and a rocky interview with comic-magician Nathan Allen the Maniac of Magic. Nathan Allen tells us about his most elaborate magic trick, Jer-Dog explains why magicians can’t get laid, and 40 Oz. Pimp tells us about the time he ate a dead cat’s brains.

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We have our guests weigh in on the question, “What is the meaning of teardrop tattoos on your face?” Some say it means you’ve done time in prison, or that you’ve killed someone, or that someone close to you has died. Some people even think it means that you’ve been anally raped in prison. We also talk about hit-or-miss haircuts at Great Clips.

The 40 Oz. Pimp and Dale J. Gordon

40 Oz. Pimp, Jer-Dog, Nathan Allen the Maniac of Magic

40 Oz. Pimp just got finished performing on a Mexican cruise. 40 Oz. Pimp discusses being manic-depressive, being in a coma, his Alcohol Poisoning World Tour, growing up in New Jersey, living in Pennsylvania and shooting guns in Alabama.

40 Oz. discusses collaborating with Triggered Impulse from New Jersey, playing live shows with Dale J. Gordon, and his experiences while staying at Dale J. Gordon’s Garbage House in Trenton, New Jersey.

Oh, and he also tells the story of the time he ate a dead cat’s brains.

We also get Dale J. Gordon on the phone to comment on why the 40 Oz. Pimp is a true poet and a true rock-n-roller, and why it’s sometimes difficult to convince promoters to book 40 Oz. Pimp because he has a notorious reputation for being a truly rowdy spirit. 40 Oz. Pimp says says that Dale exaggerates things, but doesn’t really deny any of the crazy stories attributed to him.

Check out the 40 Oz. Pimp on Facebook and Youtube. And you can find more videos from the 40 Oz. Pimp here.

Speaking of checking things out, have you heard Dale J. Gordon’s Monster Bum Series? Monster Bum Series Volume 2: Undercover Hell (the Curse of Slab Mountain) has just been released, go check it out here!

Jer-Dog and Nathan Allen

Jer-Dog and Nathan Allen contemplate why magicians can’t get laid. Nathan Allen discusses what other entertainers think about magicians, and his opinion on the Masked Magician exposing magicians’ magic tricks.

Nathan Allen says his most elaborate trick was knocking up his girlfriend. He said he’s going to send us a link to a video of him impregnating his girlfriend on stage, so we’ll have to check back with him on that for sure.

Check out Nathan Allen’s Zombie Apocalypse Virus radio broadcast prank. It’s kinda like the classic “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast. It’s an MP3 you download and play in the background when you have friends over. It sounds like a normal radio broadcast, but ever few minutes a news story comes on mentioning a Zombie Virus that’s breaking out all over the world. Freak out your friends, family, self.

You can hear Jer-Dog’s Wake & Bake show every Thursday morning on WXRX in Rockford, IL. Find more about Nathan Allen & Jer-Dog’s tour here. Nathan Allen’s official website is here. Check up with Nathan Allen the Maniac of Magic on Twitter and Facebook. Jer-Dog has a Twitter and a Facebook, too.


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