The C-Word and Animal Gas | CB043

We talk to the creator of Animal Gas, Bryan Ballinger. And one of our biggest listeners, Mike, explains what caused him to post an online video defending his use of the “C-Word” and feels he is often misunderstood when using “the C-Word”. Warning: This episode features people saying “the C-Word” and is probably offensive.

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Animal Gas is another featured project from our Kickstarter series, where we interview people from Indiana who are doing Kickstarter projects. Animal Gas was wildly successful and raised over $20,000 on Kickstarter. The book is sort of a children’s scratch-n-sniff book that features both good and not so good smells.

Find out more about Animal Gas at, or click the picture of the book below to take an inside look of the book on Amazon. You can buy the book from Amazon, or from

Animal Gas

Animal Gas


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