Andrew W.K. Interview | CB034

Andrew W.K. Interview

Andrew W.K. is known for going out of his way to talk to his fans and meet with people after shows, and if you’ve met him after a show there’s a good chance he still remembers who you are to this day. Andrew says that it’s easy to remember people when they are as excited and passionate about the Andrew W.K. music as he is.

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#34 - Andrew WK Interview

“The main goal is to make it fun and exciting, and something that you can keep in your heart, or your mind, forever.”

Andrew also talks about his appearance at the Gathering of the Juggalos and why the show went the way it did, and what happens if you party too hard at a show and the audience gets way out of control.

Andrew W.K. talks about following a police car for fun back in the day, as well as the prank he and a friend used to do where they put phone books on top of Andrew’s keyboard, aimed a P.A. system out the windows of their apartment and cranked the volume all the way up, then exited the apartment through the back.

“It was so loud… and such a strange sound. It was like if an explosion never dissipated.”

Andrew tells us what kind of juice it is that girls own, as referred to in his song “Girls Own Juice.” Apparently the juice is just orange juice, because when Andrew wrote that song he was drinking a lot of juice.

“I think I was just so obsessed with juice… all kinds of juice.”

Andrew talks about the Steev Mike conspiracy, the theory that Andrew is not who he says he is, or that Andrew W.K. was created as a character and is not a real person.

“The short story would be people taking a small fact and sort of running with it in the opposite direction.”

Andrew also talks about Pete Larson and Bulb Records, and some other early experiences he had playing with bands like Couch and Wolf Eyes back in high school that led him to where he is today.

“Great record label, they have a lot of great releases. Just about every one of them changed my life. And sometimes, for the better.”

Here are some pictures from when Chris and John met Andrew W.K. at a show at the Metro in Chicago back in 2003. Andrew stayed up all night talking with fans who stuck around after the show, and I believe he even had to do an early morning radio interview the morning after the show. Andrew stayed up all night making sure that everyone who stuck around after the show had a moment of time to share with him. It was very cool. Awesome show, too, as evidenced by the sweaty torsos in these photos.

Club Metro in Chicago, 2003 - Chris Brake at Andrew W.K. ShowChris Brake and Andrew W.K. at the Metro in ChicagoJohn Rapp and Andrew W.K. at the Metro in Chicago, 2003

Punk Rock Night

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April 26th

Thelma and the Sleaze, Brains & Teeth, Dead on TV, Misunderstood

May 3rd

The Dockers, Tiger Sex, Lickers, Gun

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Big thanks to Rick for sitting in the show for John, who was so stoked about the show that he had a migraine and couldn’t make it. You’re the man, Rick! We’ll let you know when we interview Tim Armstrong.


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