#33 – Kickin’ it Old School

We kick it old school and talk about local Indianapolis radio stations, answer comments left on the Chris Brake Show Youtube videos, introduce our new food critic and news girl, discuss 3D printers and round it all out with a new “5 Minutes in Capeside” segment.

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Local Indianapolis Radio#33 - Kickin' it Old School - Indianapolis Podcast - Chris Brake Show

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz is a local Indianapolis radio personality and we talk about how he says “negro” on his show, and refers to something called “C.P. Time,” which apparently means “Colored People Time.” He can do that, though, because he is black.

We also talk about 91.9 WITT, another local Indianapolis radio station. We discuss our experience recording a pilot episode for WITT.

Youtube FU Q&A

“Fuck the Chris Brake Show,” “Take this video down and kill yourselves” and “Do more “5 Minutes in Capeside” segments” are among the fantastic comments that we answer on this week’s Youtube FU Q&A. Feel free to leave your comments on our videos on the Chris Brake Show Youtube Channel.

“Key Situation” by Dale J. Gordon

Interesting track from Dale J. Gordon‘s album, “White Trash Jazz.” The album is a concept album about a country boy who goes to the big city and hears jazz music for the first time, then goes back home and tries to re-create the jazz sound with his country boy musicians.

Hollywood Rockin’ Wrap-Up

Jason Hadley delivers your 1-minute entertainment news about former American Idol star Nikko Smith, the Ultimate Warrior, M.C. Hammer’s tax troubles and Bethenny Frankel’s Viet Nam war thing.

Punk Rock Night

Rich Barker tells us about the time he saved the life of Punk Rock Night creator Greg Brenner. Shout out to Rich for keeping Punk Rock Night alive and well!

Here’s what’s coming up at Punk Rock Night:

April 19th

Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, The Brothers Gross – aka BroGro
Plus many burlesque performers and a screening of “Time to Kill” at 7:30

April 26th

Thelma and the Sleaze, Brains & Teeth, Dead on TV, Misunderstood

May 3rd

The Dockers, Tiger Sex, Lickers, Gun

For more information, check out punkrocknight.com/upcoming-shows/

News Girl

First time ever on the Chris Brake Show: news from our news girl, Brittany.

Brittany tells us about the Westboro Baptist Church’s plans to picket Indy 500 this year.

The Over-Chewed Food Dude

Introducing our new food segment with Bryan, the Over-Chewed Food Dude. This week, Bryan tells us about why he really didn’t like the pizza at the Blind Pig in Greenwood, IN.

3-D Printing

Bryan suggests that everyone invest in 3D printing. If you could go back in time and invest in companies such as Yahoo! or Apple, you would stand to make a lot of money. Bryan says that’s where we are with 3D printing. So if you want to make a bundle of cash, go invest in 3-D printing.

Bryan talks about a dentist who uses 3D printing to print up jaw bones for his patients. People are even printing up guns that can actually fire bullets. Bryan says in 20 years you may be able to upload your consciousness to the Cloud and print out a new body. He may have been slightly joking about that last statement. But the technology of 3D printing is certainly astounding. And you should invest in it.

5 Minutes in Capeside

James Van Der Beek does an Ask Me Anything with the fans. Chris analyzes his answers and finds them to be lacking in quality. Someone asks James, “When did you realize that “Dawson’s Creek” had jumped the shark?” Great question, but not so great of an answer. Chris gives his own answers to the questions that revolve around “Dawson’s Creek.”


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