Occupy Movement in Indianapolis? | CB032

Ryan David from Occupy Indianapolis talks about the media making the Occupy Indianapolis movement look like a bunch of schmucks, the FBI and CIA infiltrating and sabotaging Occupy, as well as the overall goals of the Occupy movement.#32 - Occupy Indianapolis Guy

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Ryan believes the system can work, but currently it is not working very well. It is up to we the people to take part in our governments, both local and federal, to save ourselves from big banking and corporate greed. Ryan urges everyone to vote.

“The only way to do this is get out on the streets and make your voices heard.”

You can check out more information about Occupy Indianapolis at facebook.com/OccupyIND.

Hollywood Rockin’ Wrap-Up

Jason Hadley delivers hard-hitting entertainment news about Kevin Federline, the new movie “Noah,” Rascal Flatts and Mickey Rooney.

Punk Rock Night

Rich Barker wants to see the Brothers Gross play so badly, he’s going to fill in for their bass player who can’t make it to the next show. And Rich tells another satisfying nugget of terror and amusement in Tales from Punk Rock Night.

Also, here’s who will be playing at Punk Rock Night:

April 12th

Black Actress, Restraining Orders, Black Cat Rebellion, No Coast

April 19th

Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, The Brothers Gross – aka BroGro
Plus many burlesque performers and a screening of “Time to Kill” at 7:30

For more information, check out punkrocknight.com/upcoming-shows/


2 thoughts on “Occupy Movement in Indianapolis? | CB032

  1. Isham S. (10 months ago)
    I am also a former Occupier who feels burned by Occupy. I am someone who was challenged to think about leadership and social cohesion because of what I found there. I started as the founded of a workgroup on Facebook, became the primary admin for Occupy’s Facebook workgrouping, spent weeks on weeks with folks on the ground, and attended more than one extremely tense G.A. I remember the ugly things about Occupy, I can suggest why the format actually doesn’t work, and I can tell you what really fucked the Occupy movement… and it wasn’t the FBI. I’m currently chief strategist for a fledgling movement called the NASF and using my experience from Occupy to write a novel lampooning my experience with the movement.

    Hypatia Washington (10 months ago)
    Yes, there is an occupy protest coming up May 1st. It’s a 4 day protest downtown Indianapolis. Questions? Comments? Call me 317-643-0078 or check out the new NASF National Association for Solidarity and Freedom page on facebook. Also check out Anonymous Indiana facebook page and Occupy Indy rebirth. The smaller FB pages and twitter accounts are the people that are participating in the wave of action.

    Hypatia Washington (10 months ago)
    Yes, it is true, in 2011, some of the homeless people WERE getting paid in cash, cigarettes, and food. If anybody really wants to know about Occupy Indianapolis, call me 317-643-0078

    Hypatia Washington (10 months ago)
    Maybe next time you want to talk about the occupy movement in Indianapolis, you speak with someone who actually supports the occupy movement in Indianapolis?


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