Gateway To Hell; Indiana’s Longest-Running Mystery SOLVED with Stephen Schroeder | CB030

Stephen Schroeder helps us solve “Indiana’s longest-running unsolved mystery.”

Schroeder says everybody thinks America is a Christian nation, but all of Washington is actually designed around pagan sun worship.  And Schroeder says that Indianapolis specifically was designed to be a gateway to Hell.

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Indianapolis Gateway to Hell

Indianapolis Gateway to Hell

It all goes back to ancient Egyptian star worship, and the belief that you can turn a ruler into a god by building things on earth in a certain way so that they line up with the way certain stars are formed. This is known as apotheosis, or turning something earthly into a god, and is the foundation for how the rulers in America draw their power.

Sound far-fetched? Check out the painting called “The Apotheosis of Washington” that’s hanging in the United States Capitol Building. America is secretly trying to apotheosize George Washington into a god. There’s also a mural in the Indiana State House that was originally titled “The Apotheosis of Indiana” but was changed to “The Spirit of Indiana” before its completion. Schroeder says the intent is to apotheosize the state of Indiana and worship it as a goddess.

The guy who designed Indianapolis, Alexander Ralston, also helped design the layout for Washington, D.C. The National Road that goes from Washington, D.C. to Indianapolis is actually designed to be the ancient Egyptian “Path of Ra,” and is designed to be part of the three steps to the Underworld. Indianapolis was designed with ancient talismans and magic squares as the groundwork for a gateway to Hell.

All of these things are designed to give the rulers supernatural demonic power. America is actually a pagan, Masonic government secretly disguised as a Christian nation. A line from the Indiana state poem reads, “A pagan voice within me, seems to answer to it all.”

Indianapolis: Crossroads of Ishtar

Indianapolis: Crossroads of Ishtar

Schroeder says pagans love to desecrate things that are sacred to Christians, and that by combining something sacred with something profane, pagans can cast a spell of strong delusion.

In an act of civil disobedience, Schroeder vandalized and ultimately demolished the 10 commandments that were on display at the Indiana State House because they etched an image of a pagan goddess onto the commandments. The 10 commandments were also mysteriously missing the 2nd commandment, the commandment that is about not making idols or worshiping other gods. Schroeder tried every legal recourse to get the 10 commandments removed but got nowhere.

Washington, D.C. as Ishtar's Throne

Washington, D.C. as Ishtar’s Throne

Schroeder found it difficult to get local news outlets to cover the story. Schroeder wanted Indianapolis to acknowledge what they had done to the 10 commandments. 3 months went by after Schroeder knocked down and destroyed the 10 commandments and nothing happened. Schroeder publicly admitted to the vandalism, and continued to write letters to the Indianapolis Star trying to get them to accurately report the incident.

Finally the Jewish Post & Opinion ran a letter from Stephen where he says the reason no one is arresting him for destroying the 10 commandments is because they know they are in the wrong. Stephen was eventually arrested for destroying the 10 commandments and was sentenced to a few weekends in jail.

Babylonian Birthchart/Tablet of Destiny

Babylonian Birthchart/Tablet of Destiny

Magic Squares

Magic Squares

Then there’s the matter of the Pan Statue located at the Indiana World War Memorial Plaza in Indianapolis. Because Indianapolis would not acknowledge or change the desecrated 10 commandments they were displaying, Schroeder felt it fair game that he should be able to desecrate a pagan statue.

So Schroeder chopped off the Pan statue’s arms and mailed them to the Indianapolis Star, one arm at a time, with letters saying he was the one who chopped off the arms and restating his reasons for doing so.

He eventually yoinked the entire Pan statue and threw it in a river.

Will Higgins from the Indianapolis Star called the event “Indiana’s longest-running unsolved mystery,” as if there was any doubt to who had stolen Pan’s arms.

On a side note, across from the statue of Pan at the War Memorial Plaza in Indianapolis is a weird tree with its limbs cut off. And if you look behind the tree in the shadows you’ll find that the tree has breasts. This is known as an Asherah Pole or Asherah Tree, is used to worship the Ugaritic mother-goddess “Asherah” or “Asthoreth” and dates back to the Canaanites where they used to sacrifice children to the Baal god.

Washington, D.C. Magic Squares

Washington, D.C. Magic Squares

Another shocking revelation from Schroeder fingers Richard Gatling, the guy who invented the gatling gun that went on to kill thousands of people in wartime. Gatling used to perform human sacrifices in downtown Indianapolis at the Governor’s Mansion.

Pretty heavy stuff. If you want to learn more about the pagan, satanic, Masonic secret stuff that’s going on behind the scenes in Indianapolis and the rest of the United States, check out Stephen Schroeder’s Protestant Sep Youtube Channel or contact Stephen directly on Facebook at or

Punk Rock Night

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