#28 – IndyGo Complaints – David Allee on the Indianapolis Bus System

Author, blogger and comic writer David Allee reports on the IndyGo Indianapolis bus system. His findings? IndyGo is awful. People are missing doctor’s appointments, job interviews and Bar Mitzvahs on a regular basis because of the tardy, unreliable IndyGo Indianapolis bus system.

David Allee and Friend on the IndyGo Indianapolis Bus System

David Allee and Friend on the IndyGo Indianapolis Bus

As a kid growing up, Allee remembers the Indianapolis buses running very much on time, but nowadays the Indianapolis bus system is just awful. Allee gives a first-hand account of what happened when he tried to rely on IndyGo for transportation, and has spent a lot of time talking to other Indianapolis people whose lives are being screwed around by the IndyGo bus system.

Allee calls for a big push from the public of Indianapolis to get the IndyGo bus situation fixed.

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We also talk to Allee about his opinions on Colts owner Jim Irsay being arrested for drunk driving. “There’s another reason to advocate public transportation: you can get as drunk as you want on that bus, because someone else is in charge.” He’s right about that.

Allee is currently trying to track down vampires in Indianapolis, but hasn’t been able to meet up with any because of the terrible IndyGo Indianapolis bus system. If you have any information about Indianapolis vampires, please contact Allee at his blog, the Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons.

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2 thoughts on “#28 – IndyGo Complaints – David Allee on the Indianapolis Bus System

  1. I agree the bus situation needs fixed. But I would be cautious of just throwing money at the problem. I wonder whether a “pink mustache” type arrangement, similar to what Lyft launched in Sacramento might be a solution.


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